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Victory Temple Pentecostal Church Of God
41200 Highway 933
Prairieville, Louisiana 70769
Phone: 225-281-4938
4 + years
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James May

Victory Temple Pentecostal Church Of God

Pentecostal, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Victory Temple Pentecostal Church of God is affiliated with the Pentecostal Church of God, Bedford, TX. We endeavor to teach and preach the full gospel as found in the Scriptures.

Pastor for 14 yea... read more
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sermon comment
John L Jefferson of Del Aire Baptist
April 12, 2014
I liked this; it has an nice flow to it
sermon comment
John Kiddy
March 6, 2014
I am in Kathmandu this morning and the Holy Ghost is promoting me to share this Scripture, at a Conference today. I found many messages here(that I'm sure are a great Word too), but this sermon is the same thing in my heart, thank you for you thoughts, it was the confirmation I needed to hear. God bless!!!
sermon comment
Daniel Brimer
December 2, 2013
One simple question, how is one able to endure to the end and be obedient? Is it on their own power and ability? If obedience i.e. doing works is essential to salvation then would that not negate Eph. 2:8-9? We are only able to endure to the end and be obedient because of the indwelling work of Holy Spirit gifted to us as we surrender in faith our lives to God, trusting in His work through the Son, Jesus. As we place our trust in Him, he gifts us with the Holy Spirit, the Paraklete, or Comforter, Helper, Counselor, that plays the role of Jesus in our lives as the one who teaches, guides, and directs our lives for us to be holy. If one does not have the obedience and growing life of holiness then one has not surrendered in trust to God's work but is depending on something else for salvation; whether it be obedient works or some magical sinner's prayer. Salvation is by the grace of God in his work on the cross and in the tomb with the resurrection. Believing, that is faith in action in what God says to be true brings salvation to man. When we trust that what He has done and what He has done alone, and what He will do in providing us His Spirit to seal, provide, and protect us, then salvation is indeed secured because we are now welcomed into his sheepfold and as one of his sheep he will not allow anything to happen to us. Where the misconception comes in with "once saved..." is that it is a prayer that does the work but that indeed is a falsity. It is not the prayer the same as it is not our obedience that saves. It is the complete surrender, trust, and dependence upon the works of God that brings salvation.
Pastor May; I enjoyed the sermon entitled; Floating in on Broken Pieces.What an encoencouraging word! Your brother in Christ;Rodney L. Johnson Sr.
sermon comment
Dominic Bazie
October 24, 2013
I am very glad I have read this sermon about the Ark of Covenant. This is not a mere speech but a true revelation from God Himself. Dominic
sermon comment
Jonathan Hughes
July 13, 2013
This is very good. I don't often come across good written material on a religious web page.
sermon comment
Jonathan Hughes
July 13, 2013
This is very good. I don't often come across a good written material on a religious web page.
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