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Victory Temple Pentecostal Church Of God
41200 Highway 933
Prairieville, Louisiana 70769
Phone: 225-281-4938
4 + years
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James May

Victory Temple Pentecostal Church Of God

Pentecostal, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Victory Temple Pentecostal Church of God is affiliated with the Pentecostal Church of God, Bedford, TX. We endeavor to teach and preach the full gospel as found in the Scriptures.

Pastor for 14 yea... read more
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sermon comment
Maria Ross
April 23, 2012
Sermon: That Name
sermon comment
Thalia Kamenides
November 21, 2011
I hear what you are saying but it does not add up. The jews in germany refused to fight back. Millions upon millions of them prayed to god and yet the torture continued. Millions and perhaps billions of christians prayed to God to stop the torture but he didn''t stop anything as the war raged on and on for many many years. If God can set a bush on fire, he can surely set those that work for satan on fire, but why did he choose to allow the torture of so many. anyone in germany retarded, or with birth defects, or were jewish, all tortured and God did nothing. does God hate retarded or deformed people too? These issue have plagued me all of the 60 years of my life and tho they stood still and praised him, nothing happened. No burning bush, no stopping the war. One day they merely ran out of food to eat or bullets for their guns. Thats why it stopped after so many years.
sermon comment
Vernon Barker
June 24, 2015
Thalia..I was very sad to come upon your evaluation of what happened to the Jews..it seems like you have tortured yourself all these years with these questions..its like you've blamed God for the evil of men. The Bible is very clear in genesis God said at the moment Adam disobeyed sin entered the world and thereby death. The good news is Jesus Christ came and died to take away our sins the bad news not everyone is willing to receive his forgiveness and make him lord so there's evil in the world..please, if you haven't received Christs gift of salvation and eternal life write me back and I'll be so glad to tell you how.
Gordon Winslow
November 5, 2011
God bless you for the word of God that comes out of your mouth. It has lifted me to new heights please keep studyiing the word of God . you are indeed a great blessing to so many
Fantastic sermon! Much, much more of these same sermons must be preached. Very doctrinally sound and a loud wake up call to the church.
sermon comment
Henry Hedgepeth
March 5, 2011
I want to thank God for this message. As I was on my knees praying i heard the Lord speak the word, anointing''. This is where He took me for study. The word is a ''now'' message, clear, and progressive..stating the problem and providing the cure. Great word, Pastor May. Thank you so much.