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About Church/Ministry
"god's Message For God's Creation"
3000 Dwaine Street
Hueytown, Alabama 35023
Phone: 205-471-7130
4 + years
Service Type
Mixed (same service)
Weekly Attendance
100 - 249

Jerry Watts

"god's Message For God's Creation"

Baptist, Pastor/Minister

About me:
See for purchase of books. Writer of 2 Books Words of Wisdoms (Five messages from "Joel") - 2011 And they Were Called Christian - 2005

Over 15 years as a Vocational Music Minister wi... read more
Messages, Sermon Comments and Testimonials
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sermon comment
Walter Swaim of Abiding Life Baptist Fellowship
August 23, 2014
Brother I am preaching my sermon on being the hands of Jesus tomorrow, and especially the two illustrations I have to add in mine - thank you - awesome message!!
Tj Loverde
August 1, 2013
Hi Jerry, I just read your sermon "When #4". There are some great insights in there. I wanted to mention that I stumbled upon it because I was looking for the passage, "John 9:35-38." It seems that your message is from Matthew 9:35-38. However, the scripture you had loaded in the search area referred to JOHN instead of Matthew. I was able to add Matthew for you, but only you can remove the John reference. I'm sure you don't want to mislead people who are searching for a specific passage. God bless. --TJ
sermon comment
Samuel Nuckels
September 21, 2010
Your Comments
sermon comment
Darrell Vaughn of Eagle One Ministries
November 25, 2009
Thank you, This was a conformation that a remnant is own the same page. We Re- Instituted our Wednesday Service to a Corporate Prayer gathering about three weeks ago.
sermon comment
Dennis Sproull
September 10, 2009
A good perspective to live by today. The message was very inspiring!
sermon comment
Don Jones of West Glendale Baptist Church
January 14, 2009
A very good message with an application for today. God bless you for sharing.
sermon comment
Tommy Burrus
August 22, 2008
Sermon: Help US
What a timely message! Thank you for blessing my heart.