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John Hamby

First Baptist Church

Baptist, Pastor/Minister

Messages, Sermon Comments and Testimonials
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sermon comment
July 25, 2010
I looked at the sermon.
sermon comment
Rolando Nantes
May 27, 2010
thanks pastor John, i really appreciate your message, i am so blessed. May God continue to use you mightly as you preach and teach His precious word. I am a pastor of a small church in the Philippines. God bless you pastor
sermon comment
Dale Arnett
January 26, 2010
Your teaching is one of the most dangerous teachings in the world today. You teach some truth with makes it appear to be of God but you do not teach the whole truth. This notion that any believer of Christ can not repent and come back to the saving knowledge of Christ is a clever cover-up of the truth. The impossible that is being spoken of is if you walk away from the sacrifice that Christ made for your sins it is impossible to find any other way to salvation and eternal life. Romans 11:20-23 may help you if you want to know the truth. It states that we can be cutoff, God said it not me. If he did not spare Israel he will not spare me. And yes we can be grafted in again, again meaning there must have beena time before. Matthew 7:13-23. not everyone will go to heaven that profess to be a christian alone.Those who do the will of my Father will enter. Looks like the wide gate and broad road that this taeching of yours presents. Galatians 6:7 says we reap what we sow, living a life that is wordly after you have recieved Christ and to expect His good favor mocks God. Hebrews 10: 26-29 shpuld scare you out of this doctrine of once saved always saved. This clearly talking of the man who has recieved the blood of the covenent and sacrifice of Christ. There is no other sacrifice that can be made to save this man because he rejected the one and only true sacrifice. If I appear to be angry it is because I am. How dare we give liberty to anyone to so uncaringly disregard sin, how dare we give anyone the liberty to sin and dare we take away the only hope that anyone has, and that is that the righteous will live by faith, we will not shrink back and we will be saved.
sermon comment
Peter Loughman of new plant
January 12, 2010
Amen brother! Jesus will prevail over empty philosophy and occult confusion.
sermon comment
Jay Baldonado
January 4, 2010
first time i heard this message..it''s a wonderful sermon, i will also preach this to my church..God bless.
sermon comment
Paul Mazzio
December 30, 2009
Thank you for your wonderful exposition of the power and importance of the living Word moving with conviction and change! Blessings, Paul Mazzio
sermon comment
Terry Lasalle
December 5, 2009
Every thing about this seems to have to do with pop culture. God is not looking for us to be of the world, but it attracts many people today.
sermon comment
David Mende of El-Shaddai Full Gospel Church
November 5, 2009
Pastor Hamby, that''s an excellent sermon! I was blessed by this sermon.