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About Church/Ministry
Forest Hills Fellowship Baptist Church
915 Cole Harbour Rd.
Dartmouth, *Province/Other B2V 1E5
Phone: (902) 434-3217
4 + years
Service Type
Mixed (same service)
Weekly Attendance
0 - 99

Jonathan Mcleod

Forest Hills Fellowship Baptist Church

Baptist, Pastor/Minister

Messages, Sermon Comments and Testimonials
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Tim Christoson
June 24, 2016
Great job! Was helped in my preparation. Thanks for preparing and sharing.
sermon comment
Miguel Ten
April 12, 2016
,Pastor Jonathan, this is one of the best sermons that I have read in years!!! I am so tempted to take most of it and use it for a sermon; Be blessed, be blessed indeed!!! Pastor Miguel
sermon comment

September 30, 2014
Awesome hermeneutical presentation. Great outline... I see God has anointed you... Blessings
sermon comment
Arthur Holt
April 4, 2012
[?MODALISM ? God is one person who expresses Himself in three ways (United Pentecostal Church).] I am a UPCI minister and I would like to mention that we are most definitely NOT Modalists.