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Green Pastures Mcgs Church
Green Pastures MCGS Church
Saint Augustine, Florida 32092
Phone: Green Pastures MCGS
New Plant
Service Type
Mixed (same service)
Weekly Attendance
0 - 99

Ken Harris

Green Pastures Mcgs Church

Pentecostal, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Senior Pastor of Green Pastures MCGS Church of St. Augustine, Florida US Army (Retired) Chaplain endorsed by The Church of God in Christ, Inc., to serve on active duty. Previously: - Senior Pasto... read more
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sermon comment
John Mccormack of John McCormack
June 18, 2013
Sermon: "KLEENEX"
sermon comment
David Diyanni of Vineyard Community Church
April 5, 2011
Sermon: "The Zodiac"
This is an embarassment! Sounds like this guy believed in the Zodiac, sort of! Don''t waste your time reading this ''speech!''
sermon comment
David Diyanni of Vineyard Community Church
April 5, 2011
Sermon: "The Zodiac"
This is an embarassment! Sounds like this guy believed in the Zodiac, sort of! Don''t waste your time reading this ''speech!''
Gabriel Wilson
October 5, 2009
Chaplain Harris has been a great encouragement throughout this past year. He has truly been a blessing in helping me with my walk with God and strengthening a brand new marriage. His selfless attitude is a true example of God's love shining through a Man of God. I thank God for putting a straight-forward, Bible teaching and preaching Chaplain in my life for the past year.
Angenetta Lambert
July 18, 2009
My husband's first duty station after re-enlisting was Ft. Stewart, GA. We stumbled around a few churches here and there but never really could get settled. While he was on a deployment, we were invited to a multicultural service on the installation. We went and I really enjoyed the service. The pastor and his wife were warm, genuine and true messengers of God's word. I was excited, we'd found a church home! We returned the following Sunday and, much to my surprise it was the pastor's final Sunday! They were moving to another duty station. Why had God sent me to such a wonderful service to have them taken away? Two years later, my husband received orders to Korea. My husband moved first,and quickly found a church home. He spoke fondly of the congregation and the pastor. He anxiously awaited my arrival so that we could attend as a family. Nine months later I followed. When we arrived, I felt alienated and detached in the community. I didn't think I would ever adjust. I prayed long and hard for a sign from God that I was where I should be. I prayed for a familiar face, friendship and a church home that I could consider family. I was NOT adjusting well at all. After a couple of weeks,I finally attended the church my husband was so fond of. As soon as I entered the chapel I was greeted by two kind gentlemen who ushered me in to the nearest seat. "How kind" I thought but I still wasn't convinced that this was the place for me. After a few minutes, people began trickling in, each greeting me with the same warmth and smile. I couldn't help but wonder what the leadership was like. Eventually a woman walked in that looked extremely familiar ... no, it couldn't be who I thought it was. Then her husband the pastor walked in .. it was Pastor Harris. God had either sent them to me or me to them. Either way I was moved to tears. All of my prayers were answered that night. I became a member of that church and received teachings that will remain with me for the rest of my life. "Love isn't love until you give it away" is what resonates the most. After all Jesus is love. The love I experienced the entire time I was a part was just what I needed. The sermons were and still are poignant and applicable to all of life's situations and circumstances. Pastor Harris is an anointed man of God who wants everyone to experience the fullness of God. I am thankful to be able to receive his sermons regularly and plan to share this site with family and friends. Thank you for helping uncover my spiritual gifts. I pray God's blessings over Pastor Harris and his entire family.
James Mcmahan
July 17, 2009
I must let everyone know that God is amazing. God has blessed me in all areas of my life. Sometimes I fail to realize and give God the credit. So now I must realize and give God the credit for the blessing of having Chaplain Harris in Iraq. It's my belief that the majority of people that get deployed wether Christian or not struggle with something while being gone. The fact that my wife is pregnant now and I am unable to be with her as I always planned for our first child hurts. I've learned from Harris that sometimes we overlook what God really has, or fail to look for the positive outcomes of our current situation. Iraq doesn't need to be considered a road block in my life or a burden. I can leave here blessed and more spiritually mature. I have been blessed by God speaking through Chaplain Harris and have been able to take something out of each sermon that will help me when I return home. I will be a better father, husband, and Christian thanks to Chaplain Harris. I must always remember to give God all the glory, honor, and praise. I will never forget Chaplain Harris as long as I live and in my prayers I will keep him and his family. Thank you Chaplain! for being such a positive influence on my spiritual walk with the Lord. Love in Christ, James <><
Meghan Venable-thomas
June 22, 2009
I learned so much in the short time that I attended CH Harris' service. He has been more than a minister, counselor and teacher. He has been like a father to me. He truly embodies all that a pastor should be and has given me a greater understanding of the word. He not only preaches the word but lives it daily which is a characteristic I hope to emulate. I sincerely hope that others see God in me the way that I see it in CH Harris. I genuinely feel that I have grown closer to God through knowing CH Harris. He enabled me to use a gift from God in a way that I never knew I could. He nurtured in me a new way to worship that could bless God and show God to others. CH Harris does not know that he has done these things for me and one of the great things about him is that even if no one ever told him he would still continue to do what he does. That is what makes a great man of God. If I had learned nothing else from deploying to the wilderness I would still feel fullfilled through my increased obedience, my increased knowledge of the word, and my spiritual growth. I cant thank CH Harris enough for encouraging me to have a greater relationship with God.
Chelsey Balliett
June 13, 2009
I have had the greatest opportunity to be able to study under Chaplain Harris. He is a powerful and godly man. My husband and myself have also had the greatest experience in his counseling's as well as his sermons. He puts the word of God in a easy way for everyone to understand and see real life reasons as to why God is there. Chaplain Harris has also helped me to be more religious and understand that the word of God is something that not only myself but everyone need to hear on an everyday basis.
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