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Green Pastures Mcgs Church
Green Pastures MCGS Church
Saint Augustine, Florida 32092
Phone: Green Pastures MCGS
New Plant
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Ken Harris

Green Pastures Mcgs Church

Pentecostal, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Senior Pastor of Green Pastures MCGS Church of St. Augustine, Florida US Army (Retired) Chaplain endorsed by The Church of God in Christ, Inc., to serve on active duty. Previously: - Senior Pasto... read more
Messages, Sermon Comments and Testimonials
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Elmore Cole
June 9, 2009
Fist of all I would like to "Thank God for all He has done for me, my family,and friends". Secondly, I have been in the military for over twenty years. This being my first deployment and one of the hardest things I have had to endure. Initially being deployed was a tremendous uphill battle for me being so far away from love ones and friends. Let me tell you, "Pastor (Luckie) Harris has been a breath of fresh air". Pastor Harris has made my deployment a 1000 times easlier than before God blessed me to have met him. Chaplin Harris's sermons are ones that are easy to understand and they are always on point. "Chaplin Harris is the man". I am a member of in my mind, one of the most respected Churches in the greater Austin Texas area. Until I met Chaplin Harris, I was missing my Church and there was a void, because of that man of God, that void is no more. I would like to publically thank Pastor (Luckie) Harris for the impact he has had on my life in the short time I have known him. He is truely and man of God and without a doubt committed to his calling.
D Thomas
June 4, 2009
Being in the military going on 20years I must truly say that I have never met a Chaplain that preaches, teaches and most of all practices what he preaches. Chaplain Harris delivers the word that you can't help but get "DRUNK" in the spirit. His messages are so understandable that you can't help but stay awake in church. Thank you for being a down to earth and an approachable person. May GOD continue to bless you and your family, thanks again for sharing your gift with others.
Elkia Johnson
June 4, 2009
God is truly an awesome God and Chaplain Harris is truly a man of God. He has given spiritual guidance to myself as well as the other soldiers in Iraq. We are very blessed to have his leadership. As a result of his leadership and passion for teaching the word of God; bible study, choir rehearsal, Sunday service, and anything else going on at church has been a part of my weekly schedule. I'm a witness to what what can happen when you are under Godly leadership. There's one phrase from Chaplain Harris that I will always remember and that is "God's got my back". Thanks for everything. God Bless!!
In today’s culture with an increasing lack of moral compass, my highest regards go to those who truly have earned them. It is an absolute commodity to have ministry leaders who possess a genuine concern for the flock and a passion for soul-winning. In combat, you want to have the best fighters at your side, and most seasoned veterans as leaders. In spiritual warfare, you want well-rounded experience, faith-founded history of decision-making, and true display of godliness in a leader… qualities I’ve witnessed in Chaplain Harris. As a result of his leadership, I have found spiritual brothers-in-arms in the ranks of my unit and in our camp. The greatest challenge for millions today is to face the mirror. But if you seek to be discipled, I would recommend Chaplain Harris as a valuable mentor. In my experience while serving and being ministered to through his ministry has further developed my spirit. I pray the Lord further blesses him, his family, and his ministry.
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Joshua Schuettenhelm
June 1, 2009
It''s hard to choose but if I had to I''d say this is my favorite sermon lately. I strongly believe in our calling as Christians to pass on the excitement and joy of the Christian walk to our children and upholding our families as living testaments in the cause of Christ.
Joshua Schuettenhelm
June 1, 2009
I have had the privilege and blessing of working closely with Chaplain Harris and being a part of the services here. I've gotten to know him while deployed to Iraq and can say he has made a big difference in the lives of the soldiers here. He has been a big inspiration and role model for me in my walk with God and hopefully my own future in ministry. He is completely sold out for God and spreading the Gospel of Christ.
A Johnson of Mustard Seed
June 1, 2009
My husband and I had the pleasure of sitting under the leadership of Pastor Harris and his wife Minister Harris in South Korea. At the time, our marriage was in shambles and neither of us believed that we would make it to our third anniversary. We decided to seek marriage counseling from Pastor Harris. To this day, I am amazed by the fact that this man of God cared so much for two individuals whom he had never met before. Through counseling and the teachings of Pastor and Minister Harris, our marriage became what God had always intended for it to be. In two months, my husband and I will celebrate our eighth wedding anniversary. Not only are we still married, but we are more in love today than we were eight years ago. I am so grateful for the wisdom of God that placed us under their ministry. Pastor Harris is truly an anointed man of God. He not only speaks the Word, but lives by the Word. It is an honor to know Pastor Harris and my husband and I will never be able to express how much gratitude we have. A Johnson
Craig Watts
May 13, 2009
I am blessed to be able to receive all of these powerful messages and teaching up close and personal with the mindset of a 3P concept (Plain, Practical, and Portable). The messages are plain enough to interrupt the Word of God to give you a better understanding. The messages are practical; therefore, we can apply it to our lives daily. And, portable enough so the messages can stay with us and be brought back to our remembrance during our most challenging times. One sermon in particular that comes to mind is “When the chips are down”. “When the chips are down” give you a different outlook at the rainy (difficult) days that we encounter in our Christian walk. I have learned to appreciate the rainy, knowing that they are only for my good and keep me looking to the hills from which cometh my help. The word of God says “give a bonus to leaders who do a good job, especially the ones who work hard at preaching and teaching.” I thank God for the God that is in the man (Chaplin Harris) because his audio truly matches his video; he lives what he preaches. To God be the Glory………