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Kirk Devine

Trinity Missionary Full Gospel Church

Evangelical/non-denominational, Bishop

About me:
We are a Non-Denominational Independent Bible-Believing Church that is designed to teach the infallible, uncompromising Word of God as recorded in the Holy Bible with power, authority and clarity and ... read more
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sermon comment
Bob Wright
August 22, 2014
Actually I am a little worried about the word study - Timaeus is a greek name which means "honoured". Jericho's etymology is relatively unknown - but it doesn't mean cursed - 2 of the 3 possible etymologies - some with a basis in ruach (wind often referencing the Holy Spirit) - or spacious or some refer back to Canaanite roots which involve the idea of being fragrant. I love word studies and using their meanings to deepen texts and stories - but I think this one missed the mark...
sermon comment
Nerony Tui of Victory Worship Center
August 10, 2014
Very powerful word and empowered my spiritual walk, Thanks again!!