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Larry Moyer

Evantell, Inc.

Evangelical/non-denominational, Evangelist/Missionary

About me:

For 35 years, Dr Larry Moyer, president, CEO, and fo... read more
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sermon comment
Adeleke Ojikutu
February 5, 2014
Its a really enlightening message. Thank you.
sermon comment
Suresh Manoharan of Christian Fellowship Church
February 4, 2014
All disciples of Christ are Christians (Acts 11:26), but NOT all Christians in name are really disciples of Christ.
sermon comment
Shawn Miller
February 1, 2014
I enjoyed the message very much and am going to be referencing your notes throughout my next message. I am adding the fact that Judas preached and cast out devils in "Jesus name" and not one fellow disciple recognized him as the son of perdition but Christ. Also missing is the fact that it is also Gods will that we repent "repent and believe" mark 1:15 and while works of righteousness are not the cause of our salvation they are the fruit of salvation. "let them see your good works and then glorify your father who is in heaven". But I take your point well, that works, even good works, even in the name of God will not save us! Very good. I enjoyed it.
sermon comment
David Jankowski of Minooka Bible Church
March 9, 2012
Very good. Good illustrations. Good points. Good invitation. Good comfort. Good truth.
Well dome Larry, we need this preaching! Thank you!
sermon comment
Lynn C
September 14, 2009
Kudos for speaking about the huge prevalence of false converts in the church, but I disagree on one point. You said: "When it comes to getting to heaven, it is not the will of God that you keep the Ten Commandments." But when the (self-righteous) rich young ruler ran up to Him and asked how to inherit eternal life, Jesus replied, "If you want to enter into life, keep the commandments" (Mat. 19:17). He then pointed him to the Ten Commandments, the moral law (God''s standard of goodness), to show him that he wasn''t good but was a lawbreaker needing God''s forgiveness. Notice again the reason Jesus gave: "Depart from Me; you who practice lawlessness." He didn''t say they weren''t trusting Him; He said they were continuing to break the moral law--the very definition of sin (1 John 3:4: "sin is lawlessness" NKJ; "sin is transgression of the law" KJV). If sinners do not repent of their sin they will perish, and as Paul said, "I would not have known sin except through the law" (Rom. 7:7). It is the law that makes the whole world guilty and brings them to Christ. For the essential role of presenting the law before grace in witnessing (as did Spurgeon, Whitefield, Wesley, Moody, et al.), see 1 Tim. 1:8,9: Rom. 7:13; 5:20; 3:20; 3:19; 2:15; Jms. 2:9,10; Gal. 3:24; Psa. 19:7. Please also listen to two life-changing messages at www.hellsbestkeptsecret.com.
sermon comment
Larry James
January 28, 2014
Matt 19:17-21 I agree, because you failed to read the whole of the verses, Jesus set the young man up, you missed it. Jesus mentioned the commandments to the young man but only to show what he really needed to do to inherit eternal life. Not to keep the commandments, but to put his trust in Christ, instead of his riches and commandments. Christians are what you are, not what you do, Amen!
Ron Drake
July 24, 2009
I really like the way you explaine things in such a simple but interesting way. Have a blessed day
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