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Lee Strobel


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About me:
Lee Strobel, educated at Yale Law School, was the award-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and a spiritual skeptic until 1981. He wrote the Gold Medallion-winning books The Case for Christ an... read more
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sermon comment
Kent Purk
June 20, 2013
Great sermon!
sermon comment

August 7, 2012
God dosent creates evil but he allows it to happen by just removing his hand from us when we dont obey him...yes he created humans but not all of the people are from him some are from the devil and he is there father and they do evil things beacuse they are his children..if we are Children of God then our lives will be according to hes word and people we know us they will tell the diffrence by just look at us what we do..not by our words but by our deeds beacuse lots of people are calling them selves christians today but if you look at there life its nowhere near to the word of God and they just embaress christianty...
sermon comment
James Price
August 6, 2012
Did God create evil? If my son chooses to disregard what I have taught him and goes off and commits evil acts, I suppose you could say I created that evil because my son came from me. So indirectly not directly, the evil was part of what I created. I don''t believe God creates evil but what He did create chooses to do evil. (Right or wrong, just another way to look at the question) God Bless
sermon comment

August 6, 2012
I just wanted to say that all this things happen cause God Loves us and he dosent wants us to go the wrong way first all of is a movie theater for christians?...i dont think so people are going there and filling themselves with evil by watching the moives and after we ask God why is my life like this...for us Christians we need to wake up and dont cross the line that God made beacuse his Yesterday today and forever the same his word dosent change so maybe we just need to look over our lifes and ask ourselves am i doing the things that Jesus would do?...would Jesus go to a movie Theater with you? the answer is clearly no so if we are going to the places where Jesus woudnt go we cant expect him to protect us we always have to be in that place where he wants us to be..imagine if we we all people would instead of watching some kind off movie rather read the Bible and prayed how much the world would be better its just so much people are blinded and think they arent thats why we ask him questions why?...God Bless You all!!!
sermon comment
Jerry Burns of Living Word Church
July 25, 2012
Thanks Todd for your reasoned response. I don''t want to belabor the point or be contentious in any way, however, the Bible clearly indicates that God has a wrathful side. Who is going to bring wrath and judgement during the Tribulation? I know it''s not popular to bring up the subject of God''s wrath in this age of tolerance. However, we cannot simply try and explain away these scriptures that mean exactly what they say. Here is another one to consider: Proverbs 16:4 “The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the WICKED for the day of EVIL.” God bless!
sermon comment
Todd Clippard
July 25, 2012
What happened in Aurora was a moral evil, which is not the "evil" under discussion in these texts. Your application of evil in these texts cannot be reconciled with James 1:13 nor with 1 Corinthians 10:13. Moreover, accusing God of creating moral evil denies his utter holiness (Hab 1:13).
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