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New St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
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Mark Aarssen

New St. Andrews Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian/reformed, Pastor/Minister

About me:
I have been serving at New St. Andrews Presbyterian church in Dover Center as Pastor for seven years now. New St. Andrews has served for over a century. It is a vibrant rural community church where I... read more
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sermon comment
Murray A . Hoobis
December 30, 2014
Are you aware of Job 9; 1-8 v5-6 In God's anger He shakes the earth out of its place and treads upon the waves of the sea. in 2004 Sumatra 2010 Chile and 2011 Japan earthquake and Tsunami. the earth came off its axis and the day was shortened. Confirmed by NASA NASA in 1960's developed a method to determine when the earth goes off its axis and the day was shortened. Have you noticed the signs in the Sun October 24 2014 X ray massive solar flare erupted off the sun leaving a black sunspot on the sun and again in December 20 was the most extreme sun flare a X1.8 which are getting more frequent. as we speak There have been 5 supermoons in 2014 with 6 to be in 2015 then the were 2 blood moons in2014 2 Lunar and in 2014 2 more blood moons in 2015 the day was shortened which has sped up the universe and the earth has been shaking 2010-2012 there were 22,368 earthquakes shaking the earth Haggai 2;6 Heaven and earth shake Luke 21;28 and when these things BEGIN to come to pass When things begin the earth comes off its axis Job;9 5,6 Isaiah 13;13 the earth shake Haggai 2;6 and Luke 21;26 Isaiah 13;13 These things a cre beginnings and fulfillments
H I Murray I am also following these events in light of prophecy. We need people to wake up.
sermon comment
Alfred Kerr of Faith Assembly Of God
September 27, 2014
Great Sermon Brother!
sermon comment
Mark Aarssen of New St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
February 10, 2015
Glory to God. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
sermon comment
James Lotilla
March 6, 2014
this story inspires me a lot, but i want to say here that the day of sabbath is not sunday but saturday. the seventh day is the sabbath day,exodus 20:8, sunday is the first day of the week and never in the history of the world became seventh day (sabbath). in the bible days are called with there corresponding number in our calendar, sunday is the first day, followed by monday the second day,etc. until friday called in the bible the preparation day and saturday followed called the sabbath day and return to sunday the first day of the week. when Jesus died, he died in the preparation day, and resurrected on first day of the week, and it is sunday.
You are correct James to clairify the distinction between the Sabath day and Sunday as it is used by modern Christianity. Thanks for pointing that out.
Thanks for your comments but I maintain it is a negotiation as clearly Abraham makes repeated appeals but lowers the body count with each attempt. There is No one righteous not even one Romans 3:10 Thanks for your insights.
sermon comment
Donald J Schutz
May 2, 2013
This sermon incorporates a traditional misunderstanding of this verse. This passage has been misunderstood for years, and will be misunderstood for years. A steadfast eternal God does not need a human to calm him down to do the right thing. This is not a negotiation. Abraham jumps to the wrong conclusion that God intends to destroy the innocent with the wicked. Abraham asks if he will destroy 50 and works his way down to 10. At ten, it dawns on Abraham that God will not destroy even one righteous person, and will allow the wicked to exist in order to allow the righteous to exist. This discussion shows that God will not destroy even one innocent person, and it takes Abraham many questions to come to that realization. It dawns on him when he asks about 10, and then stops asking. This is not a negotiation, it is an epiphany that comes to Abraham when Abraham realizes that a steadfast, just, and eternal God will allow wicked people to live in order to preserve the righteous.