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Matthew Parker

Church At The Mission, Yonge Street Mission

*other, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Church at the Mission is unique in that it is a branch of a large inner-city mission in downtown Toronto. Yonge Street Mission is an inter-denominational mission that has Baptist roots but which is ge... read more
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Margie Gandy
April 18, 2016
Really great sermon on Isaiah 58. I have been dwelling on that scripture for a few years now and am convinced that we are only scraping the surface when it comes to "being the church". I spend a frustrating amount of time and effort trying to raise funds for the poorest of the poor. I have been a part of the normal process for almost 30 years, I am sick to death of hearing about paradigms and current mission trends, etc... The fact is there are brothers and sisters, as well as the lost who are suffering unimaginably right across our very own border and we do nothing(I am in Texas). We open up the church every Sunday to bring life and hope and the very Word of God to the lost and weary. For what? Where is the part of our "Church" where the lost and weary are welcomed to fall at the feet of Jesus. We don't even offer relief to those in our midst, not really. I am guilty, we are all guilty and should be convicted by these words in Isaiah 58 and Mathew 25, Psalm 146:9, and so many others that clearly distinguish pleasing and not pleasing service to The Lord. I just stumbled upon this sight so I am completely unfamiliar with it. Is there a podcast of this sermon? Blessings, Margie Gandy
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Harriman Trice
April 8, 2013
Excllent view point of our reaction to the resurrection!
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Bruce Ball of Point of Grace Nazarene Church
March 30, 2013
Excellent sermon and very positive introduction. Thank you.
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Ole Groenvold
September 11, 2008
Very good, but a bit too long?
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Kenneth Macari of Edison Community Presbyterian Chruch
September 13, 2006
Sermon: Who is God?
This message has great points but TOO many What is the main idea of this sermon? It needs clearer points