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About Church/Ministry
Ridge Chapel
4114 Flint Ridge Dr
Kansas, Oklahoma 74347
Phone: 918-597-3375
4 + years
Service Type
Mixed (same service)
Weekly Attendance
0 - 99

Melvin Newland

Ridge Chapel

Christian/church Of Christ, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Ridge Chapel is located within Flint Ridge Resort, a gated community in the NE corner of OK near Siloam Springs, AR. The congregation in an undenominational fellowship serving not only the residents ... read more
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sermon comment
Brian Byers of Christian Church
March 28, 2015
,Bruce... your encouragement to follow scripture is well received, but your tone seems a bit harsh. Remember.... Truth in love brother. Respectfully. -Brian-
sermon comment
Bruce Ball of Point of Grace Nazarene Church
March 22, 2015
,One must study to show thyself approved ... in other words, we must study so we know ALL the facts of Scripture. In those days, men mostly rode the donkeys while the ladies walked ... except in the case of late term pregnancies. To make the woman walk then would have been tantamount to sinning against the woman and baby. Hence, thru proper study of the times, we can safely assume that Mary rode. CAREFUL: when we see the word 'therefore' in Scripture, we must study all about it so we know why the word "therefore' is there for. Do not just take each verse at literal value ..... especially in prophecy. That will end up making us give false teachings. USE YOUR BRAIN for what God gave it to you for and understand ALL the facts prior to chastising someone else who does.
Donald Sparkman
March 13, 2015
Mr. Newland,I have just read your sermon "Just Like Us" and was inspired by it. I am an older man (59) and have just begun to preach. I would like to use this sermon and your powered point (#144). May God Bless You!!!Don Sparkman