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Mitchell Skelton

Waynesboro Church Of Christ

Christian/church Of Christ, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Located in Waynesboro TN we are a loving and active congregation. We are devoted to teaching and receiving God’s word. Our church is diverse with members as old as 90 and as young as 9 months. We a... read more
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sermon comment
Andrew Green
September 10, 2011
as a member of the churcrh of Christ as well, i''m dissapointed in your sermon. the anecdote about Robert Robinson is misleading. it is an unconfirmed story, yet you present it as historical fact, and even alter the details to make it more dramatic. those who want to research the story my want to look at the article http://www.christianity.com/ChurchHistory/11630313/
sermon comment
C Vincent of CentrePoint Community Church
June 4, 2011
I would like to hear how the fire comes into this sermon. I have researched the word of God and cannot find anywhere that mentions fire in revival. The tongues were ''as'' or ''like'' fire at Pentecost and in most cases fire is related to consuming the sacrifice, judgement or hell. Could you explain how fire is in this sermon. Thanks
Vernon Ball of Vernon Ball Ministry
June 28, 2007
I was looking for a message to bring on Sunday and I ask the Lord to show me what to bring as he is my teacher, and as I was looking I ran across one of your message and thank God it was the one that I need to bring,(extreme makeover) Thanks Preacher.
sermon comment
Kenneth Macari of Edison Community Presbyterian Chruch
September 21, 2006
Thank you I will quote you Ken Macari