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Monte Brown

Stapp Zoe Baptist Church

Baptist, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Stapp Zoe Baptist Church is a rural community, thatís mission is "Changing Hearts for Eternity."

Served the Lord in Rest home services Lake ministry Youth Minister Started two churches and pastore... read more
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sermon comment
Jim Ressegieu
May 31, 2012
Monte: Sorry it has taken 4 years since you wrote this to get a response from one of us but I''m sending one now: I''ve been reading commentaries, articles, Sermon Central, etc. looking for a SIMPLE way to explain the Trinity and your example of water blew me away! Of course, three stages of water--all different but all water. Three persons--Father, Son, Holy Spirit--all different, all GOD. Thanks and blessings to you!
Thank you for this message. It''s very well done. I think the body needs to hear the full gospel!
sermon comment
Russell Riley
February 22, 2008
In this sermon there is a statement that I need a resource. the statement is "the childs blood comes from its father Its mother's blood is not transferred the mother provides only the flesh,not the blood." if you could mail me the source of this information I would be most thankful.
Monte Brown of Stapp Zoe Baptist Church
January 22, 2007
Monte Brown My Testimony and Beliefs OBJECTIVE To serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, in the calling he has set before me. MY TESTIMONY AND BELIEFS On May the 6th 1969 I had accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. On December the 6th, 1969 God brought to me the love of my life and on December the 19th, 1970, my wife Valorie and I began our lives together as husband and wife. God has blessed us with three children and seven grandchildren. God called me to his service on August 27, 1972, and I was licensed by Immanual Baptist Church and ordained into the ministry on August 2, 1981. I believe that all authority comes from the Holy Scriptures and that every word from front to back be the inspired, inherent word of God. I believe that knowing and studying God’s word should be exciting and rewarding. I believe that the pastor’s number one duty is to feed the flock. I believe that a message and teach of the Word of God should leave a person with something that he or she can apply to their life. The pastor is the under shepherd of the church with Jesus Christ as the head. As pastor it is my duty to seek out the mission and vision of the church. To help the church achieve it’s purpose. I believe that becoming a pastor of a church is a long time commitment. It takes time for the pastor and the congregation to build relationships. The church becomes part of the pastor’s family, he rejoices with them and he sorrows with them. Pastoring a church is teamwork at its best. I believe that our Lord was very well organized and so I believe that his church should also be organized. That the church must have goals, a mission statement, and a vision, without these things it will perish. My favorite pastors are Dr. Bill Bennett, Adrian Rogers, Dr. Charles Stanley, and W.A. Criswell. I love to preach from the Old and the New Testament. My greatest asset is my wife, who is a very vital part of my ministry.