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Paul Fritz

Trinity College

Evangelical/non-denominational, Professor

About me:
God continues to bless Trinity college by allowing more than 75% of our graduates enter and remain in full time Christian ministries for their careers. May the Lord allow us to give Him greater glory ... read more
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Gary Simmons
March 15, 2015
Thanks so much for your message on God making a way when there seems to be no way. It was a real encouragement. Our ministry has been struggling and this helped to give me hope. This was very insightful.please pray that God will make a way for us.
sermon comment
Paul Hull
August 20, 2014
Nonsense. What a load of psychological clap trap. Barnabas was the first to sell his property and give to those in need. Barnabas was the first to accept Saul after his conversion and take him into fellowship. Barnabas was the one who went to find Saul when he had gone back home to Tarsus. Where in any of this do we find Barnabas looking for pre-approval before doing what is right. The situation in Antioch is the one time he is recorded to have failed, probably disappointing himself as much or more than anyone else. To build some pseudo psychological case of a type of weak, pusillanimous, crowd pleasing so called leader is nothing short of defamation of this good man. A man so well respected we know him by his knick name, son of encouragement, not his given name of Joseph.