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About Church/Ministry
First Assembly Of God, Brookfield, Ct
133 Junction Road
Brookfield, Connecticut 06810
Phone: 203-775-5191
4 + years
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Weekly Attendance
250 - 499

Phil Morgan

First Assembly Of God, Brookfield, Ct

Pentecostal, Pastor/Minister

About me:
For my latest sermons and audio podcast, check out my blog at

First Assembly is my fourth pastorate in 24 years of ministry.

I trained at Commonwealth Bible College in Sydney, Austr... read more
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sermon comment

July 18, 2014
The cost of following jesus, Foxes have holes(house) to stay, Birds have Nest(house) to stay but son of man cannot make any place in this world to stay forever because this world doest belong to us, as peter said we are aliens and strangers in this world. When Jesus called a fellow to follow him, he said i want to bury my father first , bible didnt say that the father was dead, but he was waiting to get the property and shares which he will get after his father is dead, Many of us has ignored the calling of JESUS because of our personal reason, God wants us to be with him forever............ God Bless u all
sermon comment
Clement Manenga of Bread of Life church international
August 18, 2014
Great revelation, I have never looked at this scripture from this angle.
sermon comment
Gordon A Ward Jr
May 20, 2014
Truly a wakeup call to use as my farewell words to church! G. Ward s.d.a.
sermon comment
Ezekiel Oyugi
May 6, 2014
I am blessed of the lord of breakthrough,The sermon has touched my life.
sermon comment
Gordon A Ward Jr
March 8, 2014
om at a loss about "burying his father". could anyone expalin this part? the scripture states that "i need to go home and bury my father". yet you state that He may already have been buried because of a days end.? please help so i may expound this to my people. thank you
sermon comment
Russell Yancey
March 2, 2014
This is truly an encouraging word!!
sermon comment
Gloria Tatum
October 1, 2014
Our worship experience must be raised to the standard set for warfare as in II Chronicles 20. It is exciting to know that this concept is being preached everywhere!
Jeff Mills
January 14, 2014
Dear brother Phil, I am a British missionary in Guatemala for the past 20 years and just read your message, "The cost of following Jesus" Wow! This certainly applied to me when i left my family and how some of them even turned against me. But god has blessed us as we started 2 churches here among the poor. Thanks for your message. I will preach a similar one this Sunday. Evangelist Jeff Mills.