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About Church/Ministry
Meridian Christian Church
PO Box 655
Okemos, Michigan 48805-0655
Phone: 517-332-8044
4 + years
Service Type
Weekly Attendance
100 - 249

Rick Stacy

Meridian Christian Church

Christian/church Of Christ, Pastor/Minister

About me:
The Meridian Christian Church is a contemporary worship style church begun in 1992 in the movie theaters at the local mall. We now meet at a school. MCC focuses on three areas of excellence. Our Ce... read more
Messages, Sermon Comments and Testimonials
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Johannes Jacobs
September 16, 2014
Good day my Brother - I enjoyed your series on the Marathon Marriage - is it possible to get no 5 of the series. Pastor Jakes
sermon comment
Richard Laraviere of Living Word Community Church
September 2, 2009
I found this sermon challenging yet refreshingly simple. A job well done. Thanks
sermon comment
Gary Pettyjohn of Athens Christian Church
November 2, 2007
Rick, I enjoy reading your sermons. I really liked the Ghandhi quote in this one. Are you related to Bob?
John L Jefferson of Del Aire Baptist
August 4, 2007
A very powerful message.
sermon comment
Michelle Casto
June 12, 2007
I am glad to see you found my quotes so helpful that you used it to create a blog post. In fact, the quote by Rolly May and Einstein come directly form my article entitled Life Transformation. However, I also find it interesting and somewhat short-sighted to imply that looking at one's inner programming is not the start of an internal transformation. God/Goddess cannot transform our minds unless we are first aware that there is something in our mind that needs to be changed/healed. That is where the profession of Life Coaching Comes in! Life Coaching is a highly effective way to help human beings reconnect with their divinity and begin the process of changing from the inside out. And of course, if you knew more about the way I coach, you would know that I believe and teach that God/Infinite Intelligence helps us to create our divine lives if we learn to communicate and co-create with our power and presence. Again, for those who want to stop being lectured to and want to start learning what really works in life, I invite all to consider life coaching as a way to transform thyself and be transformed by the renewing of your mind. To live a divine life: Shine Brightly, Dr. Michelle L. Casto
sermon comment
Ted Baker
April 30, 2007
Sermon: The Holy One
Sermon is listed under the wrong reference...should be Mark 1, not 4.
sermon comment
Greg Nance of Signal Mountain Church of Christ
March 31, 2007
This is an excellent lesson. It would be interesting to see the performance of the story before the lesson.
sermon comment
Michael Stover of Bethel Baptist Church
November 8, 2006
good sermon and series.