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Maverick Ministries
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Ronald Shultz

Maverick Ministries

Baptist, Pastor/Minister

About me:
I do pulpit supply and post my sermons on various newsgroups and email lists. I am seeking a bi-vocational pastorate within the Dallas/Fort Worth commuting area. I have authored two books, The Power ... read more
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Joshua Ramesh
September 11, 2013
Praise God! I am missionary from India.... i wish to have your prayer fellowship.... Joshua, Zion Gospel prayer fellowship...tamilnad,India
sermon comment
Jonathan Campbell
January 19, 2012
Excellent sermon. Thank you for sharing it.
sermon comment
David Cagle
June 8, 2010
I attend Dr Ruckman''s church and have graduated from Dr Ruckman''s school. I can say for an absolute fact that Dr Ruckman does NOT teach that the King James translators were inspired just like the Apostles and the Prophets, and that he does NOT teach that there is no need to study Greek or Hebrew now that we have the KJV. In fact, I had to take three years of Greek and a year of Hebrew in order to graduate from Dr Ruckman''s school. Both statements are absolute lies. I believe that the reason Ronald Shultz could not fellowship with Dr Ruckman is either because he is totally ignorant about what Dr Ruckman teaches or because he has a guilty conscience from deliberately telling falsehoods about the man. Out of Christian charity, I assume it to be the former and urge him to actually read what Dr Ruckman has written on the subject.
sermon comment
Ronald Shultz of Maverick Ministries
November 4, 2013
With all due respect there is a disconnect between him and his students as everyone I have ever known held to that position. He should clarify with them as they represent him.
sermon comment
Ronald Shultz of Maverick Ministries
November 8, 2013
This is a Presbyterian that thinks Ruckman teaches what I stated. You may find the article interesting.
Hey Ron! Enjoyed your message. Hope all is well!
sermon comment
David Littrell
August 14, 2009
Refreshingly candid and all too true. As Rob Strong''s post below proves, it hits close to home and causes the convicted to whine. This is not "tearing down brothers and sisters", it is a clarion wake up call to those who have been feeding the flesh and having their itching ears scratched. All too often, as I believe the case is here, people will feign concern in an attempt to mask their unbiblical criticism. They berate sound preaching and resort to the weak, psycho-babble analysis of subjective things like insecurity and jealously instead of the truth of the Word of God. They really need to stop pursuing the building up of their flesh and say "AMEN" to those who preach the truth! But can those in a Laodiciean age church handle the truth? That’s a good question.
sermon comment
Rob Strong
March 13, 2009
I am so discouraged by this kind of sermon. When one has to use "put-downs" as a means to make a point, we call that insecurity. I don''t know you Ronald, but you don''t need to criticize other churches ... especially when you speak in worst-case generalizations. I learned early in my preaching that you don''t need to tear others down to make your point, rather, paint a picture of what is possible. By the way, when you criticize large churches for all their equipment and electronics and bells and whistles, that is almost always an argument of jealousy. If you were truly not in favor of technology, you wouldn''t have a website like you do with all the bells and whistles and links sending people to other like-minded websites. You don''t need to be pursuing the tearing down of brothers and sisters. You just don''t need to do that.