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Saeed Richardson

Caya Fellowship

Evangelical/non-denominational, Pastor/Minister

About me:
“As Christ loves us, we love others,” “As Christ listens to us, we listen to others” “As Christ lives in us, we share our lives with others.” CAYA is simple word with a great purpose: Come As You... read more
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sermon comment
Darren Sirmans
July 20, 2010
What we hear about others is evidence of things not seen, that''s a form of faith. God works in mysterious ways as a man or woman of God we got to be careful for the things hoped for in the reports that we hear about others. Jesus doesn''t want us denying his power because salvation is the work of God alone. It''s easy to take the lord for granted. When Jesus changed the water to wine. The spirit of Ananias was there, the report was that there was no more wine. Yes! My brother and sister, Jesus is a jealous God, there are times that he moves on bad reports and other times he doesn''t but to fear the lord and be on the safe side is to have wisdom. Amagine this, what if everybody at the feast that day would''ve hoped for with baited breath for wine by their actions, calling those things that are not as though they were. I believe Jesus would have done a miracle even greater than that one,he did. One can only dream about what Jesus wants to do with his faith in a good report, and wants to do with his faith in us. The nature of the spirit of God is to do good. The spirit of Ananias was judgemental; Jesus hoped in the report that Ananias would see him, but Ananais believed the wrong report about Sauls background as an individual. Jesus says "all have sinned and falling short of the glory of God." There is only one way to have the victory over a bad report, and that is prayer. The next time you''re around a person with a bad report, pray for the good in Jesus for them in your heart and see the lord work inside the good reports.
Stephen Smarowsky of SBC
August 12, 2008
Pastor, thank you for your inspiring words on vital subjects. I love the wisdom of the scriptures that God has given to you.
R. Stephen Andrews of Lighthouse Pentecostal Church
June 14, 2008
Saeed Richardson is dynamic man with a great vision. He has ministered for our congregation in Florida and has been a great blessing. We speak of his messages often. He is a cutting edge preacher with the heart of God. Blessings. Pastor Steve Andrews, Tampa, FL.
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