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About Church/Ministry
Mckinley Ave. Church Of Christ
620 SE McKinley Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa 50315
Phone: 727-255-9730
4 + years
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0 - 99

Scott Coltrain

Mckinley Ave. Church Of Christ

Christian/church Of Christ, Church Member

About me:
We are a modest-sized congregation composed of people who sincerely wish to serve and worship God through Christ Jesus in the strength and joy of the Holy Spirit.

I have ministered long-term in three ... read more
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sermon comment
Scott Coltrain of McKinley Ave. Church of Christ
November 25, 2013
Thank you for your comment, brother. God is good.
sermon comment
Tim White of Second Baptist Church of Lamesa
March 7, 2012
So you don''t believe the name "Antichrist" should be used for the man of lawlessness in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4? The one described in Revelation 13:5-8? Or the 11th king described in Daniel 7:24-25? Most teachers/preachers recognize this expected one as the Antichrist and that John was warning for us not to focus too much on this one when, in actuality, the spirit of the antichrist was there in that day and still exists.
sermon comment
Scott Coltrain of McKinley Ave. Church of Christ
November 25, 2013
I just accept the Scriptures to define who the Antichrists are. I believe that the Scriptures are clear in that regard. I dp appreciate your thoughts.
Your sermon, "Sabbath to Sunday" needs to be re-examined. There are too many theological disconnects in your presentation. The basis of the Old and New Testament, the Sabbath considered to be a Jewish institution, the fact that God created the Sabbath before sin entered the world and "left it on the shelf" for 2500 years until the first Jew was born before it was observed, the perpetuity of the Sabbath, and quoting historical figures to validate the Sunday observance in place of a plain "Thus saith the Lord..." is not and does not constitute a valid argument for the change of the Sabbath. You also incorrectly exegized 2 Corinthians 3, saying that the Law was done away. This is not what Paul was saying at all you have done a disservice to the TRUTH! Truth is, there is no Biblical proof of the change of the Sabbath. Truth is, you only believe in one half of the Bible that being the New Testament which makes you half way right (if there is such a thing). Truth is there are over 84 occurrences in the book of Acts alone that prove that both the Apostles and the Gentile converts to the faith observed the Sabbath. You point to one reference in Acts 20 and try to establish Sunday observance? If you were truly a Bible scholar you would know that Acts 20:7 setting is on a Saturday night and not a Sunday morning, for the word used in the KJV is "upon," a preposition noting placement and postitioning of something in this case time. Upon the first day of the week in Paul's day would have been sunset Saturday not Sunday morning. The author Luke even points out the fact that there were "many lights" in the upper chamber where they were gathered together and Paul preached until midnight. You are going to have a hard time explaining how is it that he preached for 18 hours instead of the six which is how long he really preached. This is really irrelevant all I'm saying is if you are going to be honest and fair then you need to examine the Biblical context in regard to a supposed change of the Sabbath and not lean unto your own understanding.
sermon comment
Scott Coltrain of McKinley Ave. Church of Christ
November 25, 2013
Thank you for your supportive comment and may God use the article to bless others.
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