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Stephen Fournier

Milford Center Community Bible Church

Bible Church, Pastor/Minister

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sermon comment
Pedro Gonzales
June 10, 2015
,"Christianity without Sacrifice, Is just Religion"
sermon comment
Robert Todd
February 17, 2008
Since God’s Son (the First of all creation) told the people to save all the leftover loaves and fishes, wouldn’t God also take even better care in saving all of humanity? Our God can do anything He wants as He is the only One with true “free will.”
GOD loves sacrifices. Psalms 50:5 says,"Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice." It is clear that lack of understanding regarding the importance of sacrifice has brought lukewarmness, and selfishness into the modern church. This sermon is good in that it encourages us to go back to an important foundation of our Christian faith - Living Sacrifice.
sermon comment
Phil Hester
September 18, 2006
I have a question, Why do your deacons fulfill the role of elder? In scripture there is a role of elder and a role of deacon. What is the problem here? You say the following: "The leaders Paul refers to as "elders" in the Greek this word is "PRES-BUT-ER-OS". They are also called "bishops" in verse 7. Now in our church we have deacons, but they function as "elders". Most modern day Pastors also function as "elders" in the sense that Paul uses it here."