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Sterling Franklin

Cross Allegiance

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GKJ (Glorious King Jesus) is a start-up church in Cary, NC. We have Sunday evening services, Tuesday night prayer, and sometimes Wednesday evening services, as well. We seek to reach the lost and to... read more
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sermon comment
Sam Kagan
January 1, 2011
hello pastor i needed this thank you and god bless your ministry
sermon comment
Sterling Franklin of Cross Allegiance
July 20, 2010
Some situations are more clear-cut than others, most rely on discernment. Example - We know that God can bring illness or even death if we take the Lord''s Supper wrong (1 Cor. 11.30). God disciplines us as sons (Heb 12). This isn''t a blistering scourging, but it is chastisement. But we can also note that we''re under the curse. Much of what we go through is allowed by God by the agent of Satan. God doesn''t tempt us to evil (James 1.13) but we do go through horrible situations in life. So I can''t give any rule-of-thumb. Much is just going to be discernment-based. Perhaps in a season of unconfessed sin, people might note God taking things away or crushing idols that are taking His place. All these things are done so Christ will have the supremacy, but yeah, sometimes seemingly identical situations in life have different outcomes, but God is sovereign and knows what He''s doing. I know that probably doesn''t really tangibly help, so I apologize.