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Steve Hereford

Changed By Grace Community Church

Evangelical/non-denominational, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Changed By Grace is the Bible-teaching ministry of Dr. Steve Hereford which seeks to assist you in the understanding and the application of Godís Word.

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Messages, Sermon Comments and Testimonials
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sermon comment
Jennifer Smith
July 25, 2014
Hi Steve, I am quite angry about something in the sinful sense. I have prayed to God about this issue but I don't feel any different. Long story short I had a flatmate last year who I liked a lot as a friend and I thought to a certain extent he liked me back. I got him presents and remembered his birthday. About a month ago he left our flat and he had ordered a parcel to the old address. I texted him telling him there was a parcel and he never even bothered texting back or acknowledging me in any way . I texted once after on the same day but I havn't heard anything back since. I am quite upset because I thought he thought more of me than that.
sermon comment
Bruce Ball of Point of Grace Nazarene Church
August 9, 2013
Where was Timothy when Paul issued that instruction? What were the circumstances and what would have happened had the woman spoke? Consider these things as you determine "WHY" he said what he did. Then, look at how the Jews treated their women compared with how the Gentiles treated theirs. To make sure we understand ALL the truth and the WHY'S" of truth, please refer to my sermon on "WOMEN CAN DO WHAT!?" God bless you brother, as you strive to draw others to Jesus Christ.
sermon comment
Doyle Henderson
April 10, 2009
Excellent THANKS