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About Church/Ministry
Maple Grove Christian Church
3210 Proffit Rd
Charlottesville, Virginia 22911
Phone: 434-973-2066
4 + years
Service Type
Weekly Attendance
250 - 499

Steve Malone

Maple Grove Christian Church

Christian/church Of Christ, Pastor/Minister

About me:
On September 19, 2010 I began a new minsitry as the Lead Pastor of Maple Grove Christian Church in Charlottesville, Va.

I have been in full time ministry since December of 1992 serving in 3... read more
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sermon comment
Andie Anablon
March 7, 2014
great message... thanks for sharing...
Ian Spink
November 22, 2013
Hi SteveI am teaching at a church near Oslo, Norway. The topic I have for next week is 'Gratefulness'. I came upon an excellent sermon by you on giving thanks andI would very much like to ask a question: In your text you have 7 points in thanking God, one being "When you give God the best of your TTT". Please, what is meant by TTT? Thank you so much, Ian Spink
Steve Malone of Maple Grove Christian Church
November 22, 2013
Hey Ian, TTT = time, talent and treasure. Have a great week brother! - Steve
Ian Spink
November 25, 2013
Steve, TTT . Great, thank you so much. You, also, have a great week, Ian
sermon comment
Jay Henderson
November 20, 2013
It is very sad for many of us men that are hoping to meet a good woman to share our life with, especially when God did say that man should never be alone which i certainly agree 100 percent on that. But it is very hard for us men to meet that special woman for us to be very happy with, and with so many women nowadays that are certainly Not so nice at all which really does make it Very Difficult for us men as well since there are really no good women like we had years ago that wanted to get married and have a Family. What would God say about that one since there are so many of us Very Lonely Men out there right now that would want so much to have a Love Life as well?
sermon comment
Michele Yoder
January 10, 2014
Jay, it has become a sad situation but there are wonderful girls out there who want to get married and raise a family. I live in a rural area that is very influenced by Godly people. Our public school has a high percentage of Christian teacher, who have a great influence on our children. BUT I see the public school as one of the problems as the school demands that each student pick a career path and go to college. I am not anti-college I just believe that not every one needs to go. So once these young ladies go to college they feel that they need to work and they need to pay off their college debt. Young ladies are made to feel worthless if they don't work. It is the job of the Christians to help them understand that it is a Godly calling to commit their lives to being a wife and mom. My daughters have both chosen to not go to college at this time, one got married at 19, to a wonderful Christian man, has a 14 month old baby, and is a stay at home mom. The other has spent time in Africa at an orphanage and is now a Nannie. Jay place your desires on God, give Him the opportunity to show you the right woman. God wants you to have faith in Him that He will provide. Commit this situation to God and remind yourself daily that God's plan is the best. Surround yourself with Christian friends and focus on God's word, as that is how He shows Himself.
sermon comment
Ryanna Smith
March 28, 2014
Hi Jay there are plenty of good women that want to get married and have a family
sermon comment
John Fults
November 19, 2013
Great message. Simple and to the heart. We are so blessed in this Nation, and if we would just consider how blessed we are, perhaps we would a deeper conviction about our complaining. Thank you Pastor Steve..
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