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Terry Laughlin

Crossroads Ministries

Evangelical/non-denominational, Pastor/Minister

About me:
To obey the Word of God, “…Preach the Word”, and pray that the Lord would bring hearers to the “CrossRoads” in their life and challenge them to chose this day, the God of whom they will serve. Encour... read more
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sermon comment
Vanard Mendinghall
October 16, 2007
To God be praised
sermon comment
Ricarte Waga
August 2, 2007
I am leading an intecessory prayer group in our church right now and this sermon helps me a lot in having a better understanding of how to pray. thanks and God bless us all.
sermon comment
Larry Thornton of Praise Assembly
May 7, 2007
Good sermon. I had no trouble printing it out. You just "view the semon on one page", highlight (select) the sermon with your mouse, press the "edit" then "copy' on the toolbar and then paste it to a word processing program (Microsoft Word)
sermon comment
Dr. E. J. Hole
April 27, 2007
your new format is terrible. You make it impossible to print out a complete sermon. Trying to print out any sermon only gives you one or two pages of messages the rest is blank pages and advertising.Would you please tell me how to get the entire message without all the other stuff that I am not interested in. Thank you.
sermon comment
Tito Sanchez
December 14, 2006
Excellent! Making scripture come alive and relevant. Keep it up!
sermon comment
G. Andrew Sandilands
November 12, 2006
I believe the beach from where they were rescued was Dieppe. Otherwise-wonderful sermon.
sermon comment
Larry Jeffries
October 11, 2006
I agree with the contributor that the basics of god's grace must be always put up front. I also think it's time for the church to unite to tell the world of the saving, changing grace of God through the Blood of Jesus Christ, dwelling on what we have in common and not what we see differntly.
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