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Anderson Chapel
26713 Hwy 54 East
Dumas, Arkansas 71639
Phone: 870-382-4768
4 + years
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Thomas Lanthrip

Anderson Chapel

Baptist, Pastor/Minister

About me:
We are a rural church located in southeast Arkansas with members coming from several small communities. We became an established church in 1927 with a hand full of memebrs meeting in a house owned by ... read more
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This information is good, but how about a companion sermon on how to share the good news of God's grace in Christ with Latter-day Saints? To learn more about that, see chapter 10 of my book Understanding Your Mormon Neighbor (Zondervan). www.utahadvance.org
sermon comment
Keenan Darnell of Southside Church Of God
February 11, 2008
This message was very helpful, our church is located in the heart of the reformed mormans; Independance, Mo. please pray fpr us as we witness to these lost people.
sermon comment
Raymond Isbell
October 21, 2006
The meaning of repentance is hotly debated today as it has been in the past. This article is taking the Reformed Calvinistic position which I believe is incorrect. Some good articles taking the "Free Grace" position can be found at http://www.faithalone.org/journal/#SPRING%201989. As with all biblical material, one must do their homework to decide which position is correct. I've been studying this topic for a long time and it easy to see why the Reformed position is wrong. Salvation is a free gift to a person who has the accountable volition to accept the gift or reject it. The Reformed view takes a radically different view than this. Enjoy the study.
sermon comment
Raymond Isbell
October 21, 2006
Readers of this article should beware that this is typical of the Reformed position on Total Depravity. This is one of the more careless presentations on the subject. It's based mostly on flawed logic linking verses out of context. Conclusions are equally flawed, e.g., "An inward desire to please God." This does not come from regeneration, but from Christian growth. Any reader serious about getting to the bottom of this topic should carefully read both sides of this debate. An excellent article taking the "Free Grace" position should read the paper "Regeneration: A Crux Interpretum" at http://www.faithalone.org/journal/2000ii/Anderson.htm