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Life Bible Fellowship Church
2426 N. Euclid Ave.
Upland, California 91784
Phone: (909) 981-4848
4 + years
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Weekly Attendance
500 - 999

Timothy Peck

Life Bible Fellowship Church

Evangelical/non-denominational, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Life Bible Fellowship Church is an independant evangelical church in the suburban Southern Californian community of Upland.

Senior Pastor since 1991. Associate Pastor to College and Singles from ... read more
Messages, Sermon Comments and Testimonials
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sermon comment
Michael Robertson
August 19, 2013
Very good thoughts upon this passage
sermon comment
Normand Cote
April 1, 2013
great sermon on authenticity!!
sermon comment
Christian Ray Moran
August 20, 2011
I was amazed with this sermon as it spoke about the Bible and how we perceive the Bible . A lot people see the Bible as a great source for inspiration. I do not deny it is, but Truthfully, it is more than that. And this sermons explains it. Our Church dedicates this year to be our year for Conquest and I''ve been working on a sermon explaining the Compositions of Conquest. One of the points I am exploring now is Christians should "draw the Sword of the Spirit". This sermon helps me a lot with intoduction about the Sword of the Spirit and how we Christians should use it to in our Conquest.
sermon comment
Jeffrey Forman
March 5, 2011
Great sermon, The reference to Nehemiah returning with Zerrubabel is wrong however. There were three waves of return: Zerrubabel first. Then much later, Ezra and then Nehemiah. Shalom, Jeff F.
sermon comment
Harry Love
January 14, 2011
Timothy, let me encourage you in your process in preaching. I found your structure and design of this sermon above average. The subject topic has to be particularly challenging to you with your family structure and background, but I though you did a good job of allowing it to illustrate and not overwhelm the text. Good job.
sermon comment
Tobias Wheatley
December 6, 2009
I read this and some other sermons today looking for inspiration. My life is at a point of change and this sermon has given me the will to keep searching for the Holy Spirit to guide and empower me to seek His will.
sermon comment
C. Philip Green of Faith Bible Church
October 15, 2009
Thank you very much for your excellent message. I appreciated especially the historical cultural background you provided, which brought the passage to life!
Ed Vasicek of Highland Park Church
October 8, 2009
I really enjoy Timothy's sermon. They are thorough and address the text (even getting into the Jewish backgrounds,PTL), spending enough time on actual interpretation as well as application. We need more of this style of preaching: expository preaching that is doctrinal and theological and also applies to life.
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