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About Church/Ministry
Calvary Chapel Newberg
120 S. Elliott Road
Newberg, Oregon 97132
Phone: 503-538-7977
4 + years
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Weekly Attendance
0 - 99

Tom Fuller

Calvary Chapel Newberg

Calvary Chapel, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Calvary Chapel Newberg is an outreach of Calvary Chapel Fellowships. Our primary vision comes from Acts 2:42. Our three main values are: Word - Worship - Fellowship. We center on teaching that is both... read more
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sermon comment
Jonathan Hughes
March 27, 2015
What you say can be or not be abominable.1611 King James Version of James 3:10. Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be. King James Bible "Authorized Version", Cambridge Edition.
sermon comment
Val Danylenko
December 16, 2014
When I was about 8 (or 10) years old, I experimented with what would God do to me if I call Him (or Holy Spirit) some bad word. Really regretting it now.
sermon comment
Robert Fullerton
April 5, 2014
Sermon: The Scroll
I would like to humbly offer an explanation of the scroll of Revelation 5. There has been much speculation as to the nature of the scroll described in Revelation 5. Some think that it may be a declaration of God's prophetic judgment, or some sort of deed.? As I explain in my new book "God's Strategic Plan", believe that this scroll is a judgment lien. A judgment lien is a document issued by a court where a debtor (man) is unable to satisfy a debt (caused by our sin) and this document authorizes that the debtor's assets (our very souls) be forfeit in judgment. A person subject to a judgment lien is subject to lawful judgment and forfeiture and is often forced to declare bankruptcy (seek protection of the court). The scene in Revelation 5 is in fact a court session being called to order by the strong angel before the Righteous Judge, in which the accused, man (possibly vicariously represented by the weeping John) is subject to sentence of eternal death. John wept because he knew that man's fate was sealed in that scroll. Then, steps forward, the only Person worthy to take the scroll of judgment from the right hand of the Righteous Judge; the Lamb who was slain and whose righteous sacrifice paid the debt on behalf of man. According to God's law, without the shedding of (innocent and worthy) blood, there is no remission or release of judgment for sin. Therefore only the innocent Lamb that was slain was worthy to take the judgment scroll and legally discharge it as a lien on the souls of all men. This was a critical aspect of God's Strategic Plan. Robert Fullerton CPA Author: "God's Strategic Plan".?