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Vera Hughes

Women's International Network (win)

Independent/bible, Evangelist/Missionary

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sermon comment
Nicole Jones
April 28, 2015
,Very good message It ministered to the very thing I am dealing with. He that has an ear let him hear what the spirit is saying. God Bless. and keep allowing God to use you.
Getting ready to put more sermons out for 2015! Visit my page often.
sermon comment
Apostle Thabile Morgan
July 14, 2014
God bless you and keep on unparking the Word may you continualy be filled with the Spiri
The Amplified Bible states that those upon whom we confer prosperity and happiness will be blessed by God, thus bringing blessing upon ourselves. The word bless therefore includes the meaning ?to empower to prosper.? We impart prosperity when we give and empower another person to prosper. In other words, when we bless someone else, we also bless ourselves.
sermon comment
Yaa Fosuah Asare
May 23, 2014
wonderful message
Yaa Fosuah Asare
May 20, 2014
very inspirational message
sermon comment
Charles A. Floyd, Ii
February 22, 2014
Hello to the author of this sermon. Will you please be kind enough to provide biblical support for your message, particularly your definitions of the words you used? Example: I do not understand your definition of the word "Blessed". I do not see in scripture where the word means "empowered to be successful". Please help me. I want to understand, as opposed to saying that your exegesis is not only not true, but it is also not biblical, and has nothing to do with the text under consideration.
sermon comment
Yaa Fosuah Asare
May 20, 2014
you need the holy spirit to understand this preaching, if you are carnal you will not understand stay blessed