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Vera Hughes

Women's International Network (win)

Independent/bible, Evangelist/Missionary

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sermon comment
Charles A. Floyd, Ii
February 22, 2014
Hello to the author of this sermon. Will you please be kind enough to provide biblical support for your message, particularly your definitions of the words you used? Example: I do not understand your definition of the word "Blessed". I do not see in scripture where the word means "empowered to be successful". Please help me. I want to understand, as opposed to saying that your exegesis is not only not true, but it is also not biblical, and has nothing to do with the text under consideration.
sermon comment
Vinette Marcia Bradford
November 13, 2013
I have been so blessed by this sermon. I don't know how long it has been posted but God spoke to me today through it. What an amazing God. Thank you Sister.
Jeri Pate
May 3, 2009
The sermon Miracle cry was truly give to you by God......Very powerful and timely message.... i share it with my chruch......
Teresa Niles
October 25, 2008
Miracle cry. What an awesome word It really ministered to my spirit.
Thanks for the comment. We will edit to make more readable.
sermon comment
Scott Mcgee of New Life Christian Church, Santa Maria
May 24, 2008
I'm sorry if this sounds negative. There is much that is good here, however, it is cased in such poor gramar that it is difficult to read. The concepts are good but the development of thought is almost non-existent. I'm sure it preached better than it read. Perhaps having someone else transcribe the audio sermon would be better. Better yet, post the audio sermon on site. You have so much to offer it would be a shame to do less.
Valerie Naidoo of Breakthrough Covenant Ministries
July 24, 2007
I like the flow of your expression. You have a building mode ministry, You are Blessed with the word. The best thing to speak to anyone about,is the Word. God Word works. I like to hear some new sermons of yours please. Bless you and your Ministry. When God is your Source, You will never fail. Val Naidoo Breakthrough Covenant Ministries, South Africa
sermon comment
Barbara Harris
October 26, 2006
awesome message. it was just what i needed to start my day. Don't stop,...keep on listening to our God and our Savior! keep on preaching the Word!!!!!!!!!!!! bch
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