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Statesboro Bible Baptist
889 Ga Hy 24
Statesboro, Georgia 30461
Phone: 912-764-5615
4 + years
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Weekly Attendance
250 - 499

W. Alderman

Statesboro Bible Baptist

Baptist, Pastor/Minister

About me:
The Statesboro Bible Baptist Church is 52 years old and I am its third pastor having pastored for over 24 years at Bible Baptist. I am the third pastor and this was my home church that I was saved in ... read more
Messages, Sermon Comments and Testimonials
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Youssry Guirguis
January 30, 2014
Dear Pastor W. Alderman:Greetings from Zimbabwe.This is Youssry GuirguisI am writing a simple article about the Head, the Heart, and the Hands in relation to mission. I cam across your sermon, "the Head, the Heart and the Hands" May i have your permission to use some thoughts from this sermon to support my article. Thanks, Youssry
sermon comment
Robbie Duke
July 15, 2013
You said thejudgement boils fell upon the isralites thats not true ; it fell on the eygtians.
sermon comment
Dorna Chambers
June 6, 2013
Very good points but I do notice many still preach strong against things but instead of preaching against sin, they will berate those that are not responding to the praise and worship part of the service. As much as we need to worship God, we don''t need to imitate others worshipping but get to know God first and who He is thus, the need for biblical preaching.
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Jonathan Campbell
February 9, 2012
Very good
I have viewed a number of sermons on Psalm 137 here on Sermoncentral and most of them missed the mark! This sermon recognized the key factor in the Jews refusal to sing to the Lord, they were not repentant. They were under God''s judgment and rather than seeking God they focused on how terrible their lot in life was. They wanted to blame the Babylonians for their cruelty and their distant kin, the Edomites for joining in and making things worse. They became bitter because they refused to repent and this Pastor saw the Scripture in its context. Thank you so much.
sermon comment
Charles Lewis
August 2, 2008
Brother Alderman,I have read your message on "Why hath the Lord done thus",and found it to be a great message...May God bless you.
Will Langstaff
July 29, 2008
Great job on the Heb 2 sermon. It is helping me add some key point to a fasting guide on Heb 2:5. Thanks.
sermon comment
Will Langstaff
July 29, 2008
Great thoughts to ponder and good info. It will help me with a 40 Days Fasting Guide I am preparing for our 9th Anniversary. Thanks