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About Church/Ministry
Abney Baptist Church
5180 Bethune Rd
Kersahw, South Carolina 29067
Phone: 83-475-7272
4 + years
Service Type
Weekly Attendance
100 - 249

William Morris

Abney Baptist Church

Baptist, Pastor/Minister

About me:
Abney Baptist Church is a conservative, dynamic rural church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Since 2000 the attendance has increased 34%, adding some 215 memebers by baptism. The chur... read more
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sermon comment
P. Devon Brown of Faith
September 10, 2011
Good sermon. Had not preached this text before.
sermon comment
Jim Buchanan of Church of the Nazarene
July 7, 2011
I think you missed the point entirely about Obadiah. Go back and read verse 3. It says... Obadiah feared the Lord greatly... my take on this scripture is that Obadiah was a godly person serving the Lord in an ungodly place.
sermon comment
Gordon A Ward Jr
May 23, 2011
I enjoyed this soooo much but the downfall was that it was only two pages could have been so much more....but with what was here was fantastic !!! this is easy and allows the congregation to follow along and understand !! thank u
sermon comment
Richard Vaughn
October 4, 2008
I have been truly blessed by this Sermon.
Norm Yukers
April 26, 2007
have enjoyed your messages on the 7 churches. thanks for sharing your insight.
sermon comment
Scott Dunn
November 26, 2006
Its a nice summary of the importance of being thankful to God.