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New Galilee Missionary Baptist Church
414 Cedar Avenue
Wilmington, Delaware 19804
Phone: (302) 994-2833
4 + years
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100 - 249

William Wilmore, Jr.

New Galilee Missionary Baptist Church

Baptist, Pastor/Minister

About me:
New Galilee Missionary Baptist Church Mission Statement: The New Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, based in a Christian heritage, seeks to enhance the lives of all people through ministries de... read more
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sermon comment
Douglas Dean
February 16, 2015
,Brilliant message - why do i say that ? because I have had the same experience, same pain and excercised the same love as Hosea did. Yes I lost my beautiful wife to another man after she gave me a beautiful son named Jabez. Som i know the pain Hosea went through but Gods truth about Love is always the main thing . So Like Hosea i still show Gods love to my ex wife This is where you have to have faith to believe all things work together for those who love God and are called according to his purpose God. My pain and humiliation as a Pastor of Gods people again was a tough trial to go through. However there is always a higher spiritual purpose that shows up eventually. So thank you for the message and God continue to bless you real good , Pastor Douglas Dean
sermon comment
Staffy Blakely
April 25, 2015
Praise God Pastor for your strength. I've been there too, ex-husband with my "best friend". It was devastating but I made it. This was a great message and one to live by. Stay encouraged
sermon comment
Mike Harbin
January 10, 2015
I just happened to come across this wonderful sermon. Thank you my brother for your great insight into this wonderful, timeless message. Thank you
sermon comment
Rowena Salili Tagud
November 25, 2014
it tickles me..and so blessed.thank you..Indeed our GOD is good all the time
sermon comment
Chris Beam of Evergreen Baptist Church
May 19, 2014
Love the illustration, LOL!!!
sermon comment
Maggie Young
November 6, 2013
Very good message. How can we not serve a God who loves us so much!!!
Jerrick Marciess Mccall
July 6, 2013
call me at 1-334-267-2785
Jerrick Marciess Mccall
July 6, 2013
Hello Pastor how are u doing my name is Pastor McCall and I like the sermons that you post on here when you get a minute check out my preaching clip on you tube by typing PastorJerrick Part1