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Ivan the Great was the tsar of all of Russia during the Fifteenth Century. He brought together the warring tribes into one vast...
Contributor: SermonCentral
Category: Stories
Scripture: Matthew 9:1-9:17
Shared: 1/19/2002
Fifteen years ago, I was serving as pastor in Alabama and our church was in a capital stewardship campaign to raise money to build a new building. The...
Contributor: SermonCentral
Category: Stories
Shared: 4/10/2003
In fact, our current financial crisis is a direct result of this "entitlement," or "free lunch" kind of thinking. Accordi...
Contributor: SermonCentral
Category: Stories
Scripture: none
Tags: Greed
Shared: 11/6/2008
Most consulting will fall into 1 of 4 categories: (1) to facilitate a particular process such as strategic planing or capital campaign; (2) to address...
Contributor: SermonCentral
Category: Statistics
Scripture: none
Tags: Workplace
Shared: 1/6/2006