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Owen Bourgaize avatar
Recently I Read The Biography Of Norman Grubb, A ...
Shared By: Owen Bourgaize on Oct 18, 2000
Summary: Recently I read the biography of Norman Grubb, a missionary in Africa and the leader of his mission for 30 years. I was struck by what he wrote: "At conversion we learned that we had not done what we should, but then we soon learn that of ourselves ...
Category: Stories
based on 139 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: none
Rick Bezanson avatar
A Security Guard Worked At Drug Company For ...
Shared By: Rick Bezanson on Oct 26, 2007
Summary: A security guard worked at Drug Company for fifteen years. At first he was always very alert and watchful for thieves. But as the years passed he became relaxed and lazy. Sure enough one evening the company was robbed of thousands of dollars of drug...
Category: Stories
Denomination: Lutheran
Scripture: none
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SermonCentral Staff avatar
The Fire
Shared By: SermonCentral Staff on Apr 1, 2008
Summary: THE FIRE H. A. Ironside told the story of pioneers who were making their way across one of the central states to a distant place that had been opened up for homesteading. They traveled in covered wagons drawn by oxen, and progress was necessarily...
Category: Stories
based on 2 ratings
Denomination: *other
Scripture: none
Glenn Durham avatar
John Flavel: "how Dangerous It Is To Join ...
Shared By: Glenn Durham on Sep 30, 2008
Summary: John Flavel: "How dangerous it is to join anything of our own to the righteousness of Christ, in pursuit of justification before God! Jesus Christ will never endure this; it reflects upon His work dishonorably. He will be all, or none, in our justif...
Category: Quotes
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Scripture: none
Brian Harvison avatar
I Will Pay the Fine
Shared By: Brian Harvison on Nov 12, 2008
Summary: I WILL PAY THE FINE Let's say you where caught speeding down this highway in front of the church. You were doing 100 mph, obviously slightly out of the acceptable speeding window. You go to court and just as the judge is about to throw the book a...
Category: Stories
based on 8 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: none
Matthew Kratz avatar
Righteousness Credit
Shared By: Matthew Kratz on Nov 16, 2008
Summary: RIGHTEOUSNESS CREDIT The meltdown in world wide economic markets is seen by many economists over the issue of the sub-prime mortgage failure in the United States. Basically, it revolves around giving credit to those who did not deserve it. You...
Category: Stories
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: none
C. Philip Green avatar
Spiritual Millionaires
Shared By: C. Philip Green on Feb 5, 2009
Summary: SPIRITUAL MILLIONAIRES Obeying the law justifies no one, Jew or Gentile, because no one obeys the law. There is no one righteous, not even one, Romans 3:10 says. Therefore, the law can only condemn us, not declare us righteous. For example, ...
Category: Stories
Denomination: Evangelical Free
Scripture: Romans 8:2-4
Rickey Bennett avatar
Who Is the Worst Sinner You Know?
Shared By: Rickey Bennett on Aug 16, 2009
Summary: WHO IS THE WORST SINNER YOU KNOW? "Who is the worse sinner you know? Are you more aware of your own sin or those sins of others? Because of God’s amazingly gracious heart toward those who thoroughly deserve only His wrath, He both planned for and...
Category: Quotes
Denomination: *other
Scripture: none
Aubrey Vaughan avatar
Theologian Louis Berkhof Wrote, "justification Is ...
Shared By: Aubrey Vaughan on Sep 2, 2009
Summary: Theologian Louis Berkhof wrote, "Justification is a judicial act of God, in which He declares on the basis of righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ that all claims of the law are satisfied with respect to the sinner." Source: Systematic Theology...
Category: Quotes
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Romans 3:21-31
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Clark Tanner avatar
The Ungodly
Shared By: Clark Tanner on Sep 18, 2009
Summary: THE UNGODLY "Who does God justify through faith? The ungodly! Who did Christ die for? The ungodly! That means those without God. Ungodly. Why does God justify the ungodly? Why did Christ die for the ungodly? Because that’s the only kind o...
Category: Quotes
based on 1 rating
Denomination: Orthodox
Scripture: none
Gordon Curley avatar
No Record Anywhere
Shared By: Gordon Curley on Nov 27, 2010
Summary: NO RECORD ANYWHERE My friend Dr. Roy Gustafson has the finest illustration of justification I have ever heard. It seems that there was a man in England who put his Rolls-Royce on a boat and went across to the continent to go on a holiday. While h...
Category: Quotes
Denomination: Brethren
Scripture: none
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Jonathan  Campbell avatar
During One Of His Great Campaigns, D L Moody Was ...
Shared By: Jonathan Campbell on May 20, 2011
Summary: During one of his great campaigns, D L Moody was approached by a man who had been to a number of the services and who, although convicted of his need for Christ, had kept on postponing a decision. Now the last night had come. The appeal was over, th...
Category: Stories
based on 3 ratings
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: John 19:30