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A Few Years Ago Calvin & Hobbes Were My Favorite ...
Shared By: MELVIN NEWLAND on Aug 14, 2001
Summary: A few years ago Calvin & Hobbes were my favorite cartoon characters - Calvin, the hyper-active little boy with a wild & vivid imagination, & his companion, Hobbes, a tiger. Well, in one cartoon Calvin & Hobbes were lying in the shade of a tree...
Category: Humor
based on 80 ratings
Scripture: none
Bruce Willis avatar
Bob Had Been A Christian For About 6 Years And ...
Shared By: Bruce Willis on Jan 2, 2007
Summary: Bob had been a Christian for about 6 years and had come to Dallas to head up a major city wide evangelistic campaign, hosting a daily radio program and working with some of the largest churches in America. He was beginning to think he was close to ...
Category: Stories
based on 2 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: none
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David Brockhouse avatar
I Received The Following Story As One Of Those ...
Shared By: David Brockhouse on Apr 3, 2008
Summary: I received the following story as one of those “dreaded” forwarded emails. I think it’s a fitting way to end a Wednesday Lenten message on Obedience ----from the eyes of a child. Story of God lives under the Bed. I envy Kevin. He thinks God li...
Category: Stories
Tony Abram avatar
Hope Stands Up To Its Knees In The Past And ...
Shared By: Tony Abram on Aug 11, 2009
Summary: Hope stands up to its knees in the past and keeps its eyes on the future. There has never been a time past when God wasn’t with us as the strength beyond our strength, the wisdom beyond our wisdom, as whatever it is in our hearts--whether we believe...
Category: Quotes
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: none
Warner Pidgeon avatar
It's Like The Work Done On Various Television ...
Shared By: Warner Pidgeon on Sep 25, 2009
Summary: It’s like the work done on various Television programmes. Take one run down house or barn crying out for restoration, or a few rooms of a house in desperate need of decoration, or the Vicarage kitchen in need of a refit! Jesus takes us as we are, ho...
Category: Stories
Denomination: Anglican
Scripture: none
Bobby Scobey avatar
Not Too Many Years Ago Newspapers Carried The ...
Shared By: Bobby Scobey on Oct 22, 2009
Summary: Not too many years ago newspapers carried the story of Al Johnson, a Kansas man who came to faith in Jesus Christ. What made his story remarkable was not his conversion, but the fact that as a result of his newfound faith in Christ, he confessed to ...
Category: Stories
Denomination: Pentecostal
Scripture: none
Sermon Central Staff avatar
Sinners Need Restoration Like Cast Sheep Need ...
Shared By: Sermon Central Staff on Oct 22, 2009
Summary: Sinners Need Restoration like Cast Sheep Need Rescued One of the dangers facing a sheep is that it becomes ‘cast’ and one of the challenges facing a shepherd is to make sure that his sheep do not become cast. A cast sheep is one that has turned ove...
Category: Stories
Denomination: *other
Scripture: Psalms 23:1-6
Sermon Central Staff avatar
Abraham Lincoln's Attitude On Restoring The ...
Shared By: Sermon Central Staff on Oct 28, 2009
Summary: Abraham Lincoln’s Attitude On Restoring the South God does not hold our old sins against us, nor does He act like forgiveness is a favor to us, even though it is. When President Lincoln was asked how he would treat the rebellious southerners when t...
Category: Quotes
Denomination: *other
Scripture: Luke 15:3-7
Gregg Bitter avatar
Praise Be To The Lord, The God Of Israel, ...
Shared By: Gregg Bitter on Jan 3, 2010
Summary: "Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, because he has come and has redeemed his people" (Luke 1:68 NIV). A little child plays innocently in a park. Suddenly a man grabs her from behind and drags her into a van. She’s gagged. A bag’s pulled over...
Category: Stories
Denomination: Lutheran
Scripture: none
jesse roncales avatar
James Innel Packer, In His Article, Poor Health ...
Shared By: jesse roncales on Mar 12, 2010
Summary: James Innel Packer, in his article, Poor Health may be the Best Remedy, says, “Perfect physical health is promised not for this life, but for heaven, as part of the resurrection glory that awaits us in the day when Christ will change our lowly body...
Category: Quotes
Denomination: Assembly Of God
Scripture: none
Ross Cochrane avatar
A Young Woman Is Being Abused By The Person She ...
Shared By: Ross Cochrane on Apr 4, 2010
Summary: A young woman is being abused by the person she is living with. She feels powerless and no longer in control of her life. Oh, she has not been physically assaulted, nevertheless she feels hurt, scared and humiliated. She is being threatened and bull...
Category: Stories
Scripture: none
Tony Abram avatar
A Man Fell Into A Pit And Couldn't Get Himself ...
Shared By: Tony Abram on May 19, 2010
Summary: A man fell into a pit and couldn’t get himself out. A SUBJECTIVE person came along and said: "I FEEL for you, down there." An OBJECTIVE person came along and said: "It’s logical that someone would fall, down there." A CHRIST...
Category: Quotes
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: none
Steve Gulbronson avatar
You Can't Alter Your Past, But You Can Put Your ...
Shared By: Steve Gulbronson on May 20, 2010
Summary: "You can’t alter your past, but you can put your past on the altar."
Category: Quotes
Denomination: Bible Church
Scripture: none
Christian Cheong avatar
In A Remote Swiss Village Stands A Beautiful ...
Shared By: Christian Cheong on Jun 28, 2010
Summary: In a remote Swiss village stands a beautiful church - Mountain Valley Cathedral. It has high pillars and magnificent stained glass windows, but what makes it special is the most beautiful pipe organ in the whole region. People would come from far...
Category: Stories
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: none
Ross Cochrane avatar
Shared By: Ross Cochrane on Sep 19, 2010
Summary: Yesterday, with the encouragement of my wife, I got rid of some THORNY WEEDS growing like trees in the back garden. The thorns were now like razor sharp nails and so it was difficult to get to the roots without punctures, scratches and a bad attitud...
Category: Stories
Scripture: none
Ross Cochrane avatar
Australia Is In The Middle Of Grand Final Fever ...
Shared By: Ross Cochrane on Oct 1, 2010
Summary: Australia is in the middle of GRAND FINAL FEVER with the NRL - THE DRAGONS VS THE ROOSTERS. What are the characteristics needed for those chosen to be the warriors of this battle? What is it that will win the game and bring victory? What will provid...
Category: Stories
Scripture: none
Dale  Pilgrim avatar
Liberation Treatment
Shared By: Dale Pilgrim on May 15, 2011
Summary: LIBERATION TREATMENT Liberation Treatments are becoming commonly known treatments for people suffering with Multiple Sclerosis. The condition known as Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCVI), according to Dr. Paolo Zamboni, Italian foun...
Category: Stories
Denomination: Salvation Army
Scripture: none
Alison Bucklin avatar
Set Free
Shared By: Alison Bucklin on Jul 2, 2011
Summary: SET FREE Ray Bakke, the Executive Director of International Urban Associates, tells a great story from World War II. An airman named MacDonald and a Scottish chaplain bailed out behind German lines, were captured and put into a prison camp, wi...
Category: Stories
Denomination: Presbyterian/Reformed
Scripture: none
Larry Wilson avatar
A Religion Worth Having
Shared By: Larry Wilson on Aug 30, 2011
Summary: A RELIGION WORTH HAVING Dr. F. E. Marsh used to tell that on one occasion he was preaching on the importance of confession of sin and, wherever possible, of restitution for wrong done to others. Afterward a young man came up to him and said: "Pas...
Category: Stories
based on 2 ratings
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: Proverbs 27:1-2
Kelly Mitchell avatar
The Tree of Hippocrates
Shared By: Kelly Mitchell on Oct 3, 2012
Summary: The Tree of Hippocrates On the island of Kos, the home of Hippocrates, the great physician from whom we get the “Hippocratic Oath”, there grows a tree that history says Hippocrates himself once gathered his students for class. Although the curre...
Category: Stories
Dave Clark avatar
Inspiration: Ten Feet at a Time
Shared By: Dave Clark on Dec 11, 2012
Summary: INSPIRATION: TEN FEET AT A TIME Being a provoker doesn’t mean you have to be a perfect person, it just means you have to be a person doing your best in the situations where you find yourself. Several years ago after a devastating California ...
Category: Stories
Denomination: Disciples Of Christ
Scripture: Proverbs 15:1
Rick Crandall avatar
Dr. R.g. Lee Was The Much Loved Pastor Of ...
Shared By: Rick Crandall on Dec 23, 2012
Summary: *Dr. R.G. Lee was the much loved pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis from 1927-1960. One day when R.G was a little boy, he asked his mother what was the happiest day of her life. Her name was Elizabeth. And she thought back to the time of t...
Category: Stories
Denomination: Baptist
Scripture: none
C. Philip Green avatar
Shared By: C. Philip Green on Jan 2, 2013
Summary: JESUS CARED Henri Nouwen once said, "What we see, and like to see, is cure and change. But what we do not see and do not want to see is care: the participation in the pain, the solidarity in the suffering, the sharing in the experience of broke...
Category: Quotes
Denomination: Evangelical Free
Scripture: none
suresh manoharan avatar
H: The Aspirate Word
Shared By: suresh manoharan on Jan 22, 2013
Summary: H: THE ASPIRATE WORD When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the LORD appeared to him.....No longer will you be called Abram; your name will be AbraHam, for I have made you a father of many Nations.- Genesis 17:5 God also said to Abraham, "As fo...
Category: Stories
Denomination: *other
Scripture: none
C. Scott Ghan avatar
Letter Home From A W Va Farm Kid Enduring Marine ...
Shared By: C. Scott Ghan on Aug 5, 2013
Summary: Letter home from a W VA farm kid enduring Marine Basic Training on Paris Island. Dear Ma and Pa, I am well. Hope you are. Tell Brother Walt and Brother Elmer the Marine Corps beats working for old man Minch by a mile. Tell them to join up qui...
Category: Humor
based on 6 ratings