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Contributed By:
Andy Beech

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Terry Waite spoke the following words at a Christian Booksellers Convention held at Bournemouth in March 1993:
"It is hard sometimes in prison to sit and to pray, and to read of those who were in prison, and to read of their prayer, and to how the prison door or roof cracked open, the chains were released and they walked out.
It’s hard when one has been for four years praying everyday and the door remains firmly locked and the chain remains firmly padlocked around one’s feet."

Contributed By:
Manuel Amparo

Quote: “Prayer has divided seas, rolled up flowing rivers, made flinty rocks gush into fountains, quenched flames of fire, muzzled lions, disarmed vipers and poisons, marshaled the stars against the wicked, stopped the course of the moon, arrested the sun in its rapid race, burst open iron gates, recalled souls from eternity, conquered the strongest devils, commanded legions of angels down from heaven. Prayer has bridled and chained the raging passions of man, and routed and destroyed vast armies of proud, daring, blustering atheist...

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Six Chairs of Prayer

Chair One: My attitude towards prayer is that it is not important. I have no motivation to pray and no desire to pray. Nothing is happening in my life in regards to prayer.

Chair Two: My attitude towards prayer is that it is optional. I have a motivation and a desire to pray but my prayer life is so sporadic and inconsistent that it only produces guilt and frustration.

Chair Three: My attitude towards prayer is that it is important. I am praying everyday but my prayer life is shallow and self-centered. It is all about me and what God can do for me opposed to how God can work through me. There is not much of an intimate relationship with God being developed because I am doing all the talking and I am simply asking Him for things.

Chair Four: I take a quantum leap to chair four from chair three. My attitude towards prayer has grown from being important to being necessary. I am starting to develop a relationship with God that has some depth. It is a matter of trust. I am starting to journal and my prayer life is very consistent and I am combining prayer with other spiritual disciplines like listening to God, personal worship, fasting, and spending time in God’s word.

Chair Five: My attitude towards prayer is that it is critical for an individual. I have now taken on the ministry of intercession where I am taking other people’s requests to God on their behalf. This is not a “once in a while” thing but it has become a daily ministry of intercession for me.

Chair Six: My attitude towards prayer is that it is critical for any group of believers. I now join other intercessors to do ...

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