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Dr. Larry  Petton avatar
Shared By: Dr. Larry Petton on Feb 9, 2014
Summary: THE WEALTHY, UNHEALTHY CHURCH Many writers have told the traditional story of the thirteenth century Catholic theologian, Thomas Aquinas, who visited the Vatican in Rome. He was escorted through the fine buildings housing the vast Papal treasury...
Category: Stories
Ken Pell avatar
Shared By: Ken Pell on Jul 8, 2013
Summary: TURN A BLIND EYE We must obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29) Have you turned a blind eye to God’s Word? Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase "turn a blind eye," which means to ignore undesirable information. The saying comes from a 19th century...
Category: Stories
based on 5 ratings
Denomination: Nazarene
Paul Carlson avatar
A Nation of Bible Illiterates
Shared By: Paul Carlson on Jan 25, 2010
Summary: A Nation of Bible Illiterates George Barna wrote The State of the Church in 2002. Barna conducted a survey of self-pronounced Christians and here’s what he found about their knowledge of the Bible. These are Christians. • 48% could not name ...
Category: Statistics
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Bart Leger avatar
Daniel L. Crocker, 39, Turned Himself In. As A ...
Shared By: Bart Leger on Feb 14, 2005
Summary: Daniel L. Crocker, 39, turned himself in. As a Christian, he said, it was the right thing to do. Mr. Crocker lived with his wife of 11 years, Nicolette, 36, and their two children in a quiet community near Dulles Airport in Virginia. He was a wareho...
Category: Stories
based on 6 ratings
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Scripture: Acts 5:1-11
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Michael McCartney avatar
They Need a Father
Shared By: Michael McCartney on Jul 31, 2003
Summary: THEY NEED A FATHER ... “almost 75 percent of American children living in fatherless households will experience poverty before the age of eleven, compared to only 20 percent of those raised by two parents. Children living in homes where fathers ar...
Category: Statistics
based on 7 ratings
Scripture: Acts 3:3-5:20
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SermonCentral PRO avatar
Staying Warm Together
Shared By: SermonCentral PRO on Jul 28, 2003
Summary: STAYING WARM TOGETHER In what the news called "The Miracle at Quecreek," nine miners trapped for three days 240 feet underground in a water-filled mine shaft "decided early on they were either going to live or die as a group." The 55 degree (F...
Category: Stories
Carla Powell avatar
Keeping A Spending Log - What Does It Say About ...
Shared By: Carla Powell on Jan 2, 2002
Summary: Keeping a spending log - What does it say about you? Try this exercise sometime. Look at the entries in your checkbook or computer budget program. Factor out bills like utilities, and compare how much money you spend on certain categories e...
Category: Statistics
based on 43 ratings
Denomination: Lutheran
Scripture: Acts 1:1-5:11
Ed Doss avatar
Reuben Gonzales Was In The Final Match Of A Pro ...
Shared By: Ed Doss on Oct 24, 2000
Summary: Reuben Gonzales was in the final match of a pro racquetball tournament. In the 4th and final game, at match point, Gonzales made a super kill shot into the front wall to win the game. The referee called it good. Two linesman affirmed that the shot w...
Category: Stories