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Sermon Central Staff avatar
Humpty Dumpty—Continued
Shared By: Sermon Central Staff on Mar 26, 2011
Summary: HUMPTY DUMPTY--CONTINUED We all remember the story of Humpty Dumpty that goes like this... Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King's horses and all the King's men Couldn't put Humpty together again. Bu...
Category: Stories
Denomination: *other
Scripture: Psalms 145:1-21
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Chris Hodges avatar
Consider This Short Poem Entitled "power Of ...
Shared By: Chris Hodges on Jul 28, 2003
Summary: Consider this short poem entitled “Power of Words:” A careless word may kindle strife A cruel word may wreak a life A bitter word may hate instill A brutal word may smite and kill A gracious word may smooth the way A joyous word may light ...
Category: Quotes
Troy Borst avatar
God Glorified In Weakness, Bits And Pieces, June ...
Shared By: Troy Borst on Mar 2, 2001
Summary: God Glorified in Weakness, Bits and Pieces, June 1990, p. 23-4 It was 1818 in France, and Louis, a boy of 9, was sitting in his father’s workshop. The father was a harness-maker and the boy loved to watch his father work the leather. "Someday Fa...
Category: Stories
Brian McCutchen avatar
A Little Girl’s Prayer: A Little Girl Was ...
Shared By: Brian McCutchen on Jan 26, 2001
Summary: A little girl’s Prayer: A little girl was being punished by eating alone in the corner of the dining room. The family paid no attention to her until they heard her pray: “I thank Thee, Lord, for preparing a table before me in the pres...
Category: Humor