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Illustration results for psalms 19:14

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On Sept. 27, 1998, Philip Ozersky went to a baseball game and saw his life changed in a big time way. All it took was one swing of the bat, and Philip caught not just a baseball, but a gold mine.

Lots of fans have caught home runs, but this was no ordinary home run. Lots of batters have hit home runs, but this was no ordinary batter. On that day, Mark McGuire came to the plate and hit his record-breaking 70th home run.

The ball flew over Philip's head, hit a wall and bounced into his lap. Before you could say: "I am rich," this 26-year-old research scientist became an instant millionaire. On Jan. 13, 1999, an anonymous bidder paid a record $2.7 million for this ball, almost 22 times the previous record.

(ChristianGlobe.com sermon "There's God In Them There Hills" by James Merritt - Psalm 19:1-14. From a sermon by Rick Crandall, Getting Ready for Revival, 5/24/2011)


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"Oh, words are action good enough, if theyre the right words."

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Clark Tanner

Lynnea J.H. Tanner

“The law of the Lord is without flaw, putting our soul back to wholeness.
The things the Lord reveals are unwavering, consistent in their nature, giving great understanding to the unlearned.
The basic principles God has laid out are right making the heart glad.
The things God has told us to do don’t have mixed motives behind them, helping us to see clearly.
Respect for the Lord is clean and will last forever.
The judgments of the Lord are accurate and can be counted on. They are wholesome in entirety.
These are treasures that should be sought after more than wealth and give more pleasure than chocolate or chocolate covered raisins.
Also by them God’s followers are warned; there is great reward in keeping them
Who is able to see his own mistakes?
Lord, forgive me for the mistakes ...

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