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This Religion Of Me And Thee, As George Gallup, .....


Text Illustration shared by Jim Luthy, Triumphant Life Church

August 2001
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This religion of me and thee, as George Gallup, Jr. calls it, along with a hunger for experience over knowledge, has contributed to a tremendous diversity of beliefs, many of which are antithetical to biblical principles. These unhealthy attitudes have crept into the church, as evidenced by the following results of a survey of church lay leaders by researcher George Barna:
∑ only 53 percent believe that there are moral truths that are absolute
∑ 43 percent say there is no such thing as the Holy Spirit
∑ 33 percent believe that Jesus never had a physical resurrection
∑ 19 percent believe Jesus sinned while on earth.

Source: "Lost in America" by Tom Clegg and Warren Bird

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