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What Things?


Text Illustration shared by Larry Daugherty, Tabernacle Holiness Church

August 2001
Category: Quotes
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Text Illustration:
In these two words, "What Things?" are found one of the most profound lessons of
forgiveness. They are a quote from Luke, by our Lord after His crucifixion. Jesus
was walking with two men going to Emmaus. Their language and languishing betrayed
their disappointment. Jesus questioned them as to what they were talking about.
Astonished, they responded that He evidently was a stranger in the area and had not
heard of any of the things that had gone on in the last few days. Christ asked,
"What things?" Yet, he had seen and suffered it all...they were bitter and heavy things.
When faced with the issue, His response was a forgetting and forgiving spirit.
May we have this mindset.

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