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In "acts 29," Dr. Terry Teykl Relates That One ...


Text Illustration shared by Melvin Newland, Ridge Chapel

November 2001
Category: Humor
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Text Illustration:
In "Acts 29," Dr. Terry Teykl relates that one day the mayor of a small city was driving through the city square when he noticed 2 city workers doing something rather unusual. Along one side of the main street, they were working steadily. One of the men was digging a hole in the ground, & the other was filling it back up.

After watching them dig & fill several holes in this manner, the mayor, somewhat confused, confronted the 2 workers & asked for an explanation. "Well, sir," replied the first man, "we work for the city planting trees, & usually there are 3 of us - one to dig the hole, one to plant the tree, & one to cover it up. The guy who plants the tree called in sick today, but," he proudly announced, "we’re here & we’re doing our jobs anyway."

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