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Teachers Commentary on Galatians 3


Text Illustration shared by Michael Mccartney, Christian Hills Church

September 2005
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Teachers Commentary notes this about Galatians 3
In Galatians we have Paulís first powerful defense of the Gospel. Some from the Pharisee party in Judea who had trusted Christ apparently retained their zeal for the Mosaic Law. They traveled to the churches Paul had founded, and taught that the Gentile Christians must be circumcised and must keep the Law of Moses to be saved. In essence, they said that to be a true Christian a Gentile must become Jewish in lifestyle, and live by the Old Testamentís code.
Paul confronted this view, insisting that what these men taught was a different gospel from the Gospel of Godís grace in Jesus Christ. Paul insisted that there can be no mixture of Law and grace in the Gospel of Christ without robbing the Gospel of its power.
Now, in the extended and carefully argued bulk of Galatians, Paul explained why the Law is not for Christians now. Paulís argument emphasized three points:
a. The Law is opposed to life (3:1-18).
b. The role given Law in Scripture is a limited one (3:19Ė4:7).
c. The Law is an inferior path which leads to spiritual disasters (4:8Ė5:12).

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