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Monte Brown

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By James Rowe

Out on the ocean of life we sail,
Battered by many a raging gale,
Yet we are sure that we shall prevail,
No storm can His ship over whelm
Billows may threaten and winds may blow,
Courage and faith we shall always show;
Nothing can harm us as on we go,
For Jesus is at the helm.

Wrecks we are seeing form day to day.
Poor broken vessels, along the way;
No one to pilot their ships have they;
And so they are sinking fast.
Jesus would pilot their vessel, too.
Comfort and give to them courage new;
If they believed him and would be true,
Their trials would soon be past.

True to our Pilot we all shall be,
Whether a stormy or peaceful sea;
Always so helpful and sweet is He,
And blessings us over more.
Soon we shall meet Him upon the strand.
Of the eternal and happy land,
Then we shall praise Him in chorus grand.
With those who have reached the shore.


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