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I delivered a baby on the ambulance stretcher
I baptized a newborn whos life ended before it began.

I hugged a frightened child.
I was kissed by an intoxicated old man.

I held the hand of a teenage girl while she delivered a 3 pound baby.
I listened to the mournful squeak of a stretcher being wheeled to the morgue.

I gently stroked the fragile hand of a 102 year old woman.
I hesitated at the outreached hand of a 300 pound prisoner in handcuffs.

I trudged for ten hours in my boots.
I had a teenager vomit on those same boots.

I rubbed the feverish body of a 14-year-old cancer patient.
I cradled the ice-cold hand of a child hit by a car.

I was referred to as "an angel of mercy".
I was called every four-letter word in the book.

I always see fear in peoples eyes.
I never see joy or relief.

I listened to a tormented voice pleading for the preservation of life.
I heard the threatening words of one bent on self destruction.

I spoke with a girl who was hoping she had the flu, not a pregnancy.
I see innocent people hurt by a drunk driver, and the drunk driver is never hurt.

I marveled at the genius of a cardiologist.
I saw a 12-year-old boy who shot himself in the head, and the gun was still loaded at his feet.

I talked in circles with a schizophrenic person.
I was horrified at the battered body of a child whose parents were incapable of love.

I gazed at a horribly burned body.
I shuddered at a cold water drowning.

I see women beaten up by their spouses, but they never press charges.
I walk into houses and do CPR with family watching over my shoulder in tears.

I arrive at serious auto accidents, and the first words I hear are, "Am I going to die?"
I find out hours later they did die.

I listen to the repeated question "Why?", from a family devastated by death.
I search my soul for the answers to their question.

This is just another day in EMS.

SOURCE: Derek Perry, EMT 1. Foothill Ambulance Co.
Sacramento, CA. http://www.members.cox.net/acurrence/

Contributed By:
Mark Eberly

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The phone rang.
Its Jimmy. Im really sick. Ive got a fever. Can you help me?
Jimmy was one man that the Love In Action ministry helped. He was dying from AIDS.
Jeff was angry. He had already put in sixty hours and didnt want to hear about Jimmy. However, Jeff promised to go right over complaining to God all the way about the inconvenience.
As the door to the apartment opened, Jeff almost buckled over as he was blasted by the smell of vomit. After forcing his stomach to settle down from an involuntary gag, Jeff went in and found Jimmy shivering on the couch in severe distress. Jeff wiped his sweating forehead, and then got a bucket of soapy water to clean up the mess. Jeff managed a faade of concern even though he was still raging inside.
Jimmys friend, Russ, who also had AIDS, came downstairs. The odor made Russ sick as well.
As Jeff cleaned the carpet around Russs chair, he was about to explode inside. Then Russ said suddenly, I get it. I understand.
What do you get, Russ? Jimmy asked weakly.
I understand who Jesus is, Russ said through his tears. Hes just like Jeff.
Jeff began to weep. That night Russ trusted Christ to be his Savior. God had used Jeff to show Gods love in spite of himself.

Contributed By:
Ken Pell

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The following story comes from Hank Hanegraaff's book, "The Last Disciple" (which refers to the Apostle John, the last one of the 12 to die). It is set within the historical context of first century Rome's persecution of the church. Leah is the sister of a young Christian named Nathan whom Caesar has sentenced to death by the wild beasts in the amphitheater.

A cacophony of sounds assailed Leah in the darkness beneath the amphitheater, sounds of quiet desperation. Groaning. Fear. Beyond those sounds coming from the prison cells on each side of the tunnel, she heard the occasional distant roar of animals trained to do the executing later.

She wanted to be brave. Needed to be brave. For Nathan.

She lifted the hem of her dress, blocked out her fear, and moved deeper into the darkness. As she left the shafts of light behind, the air seemed to close in on her, and her throat tightened as smells of suffering added to the sensation of smothering-body wastes accumulated at each cell, vomit, and the cloying, nauseating sweetness of alcohol from those fortunate few with enough money to bribe the guards and acquire the numbing forgetfulness from wine.

In this terrible labyrinth of doom and death, as darkness fell on Rome Leah began to search for her brother.

When she finally found Nathan, Leah expected to see the same despair that she'd seen in the other cells crowded with prisoners as she had peered inside, straining her eyes in the dimness to find her brother.

The prisoners gathered in her brother's cell, however, were not catatonic or drunk or wailing like those condemned to the arena for murder or robbery or arson. Instead, they were quietly singing hymns as they held hands. They were men and women and children, a dozen of them, making a joyous sound that seemed to brighten the cell as surely as if each had been holding a candle.


Nathan {speaking to Leah} closed his eyes briefly, "I wish so badly that you would understand. It is not turning away from the faith of our fathers. Jesus is the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets and the promises of God." He opened his eyes. "I'm sorry. You've heard me say that many times. I will continue to pray that you ... find this faith."

Leah did not understand. Here was Nathan. In a horrible cell. Facing a horrible death. And he prayed for others to share his faith? ...

{Nathan speaking} "It is faith in the resurrected Christ that gives us hope through all tribulations."

She gestured at the prison cell. Helpless. Hopeless. "Even through this?"

He was emphatic and looked her directly in the eye. "We willingly face brandished steel, the lion's gore, the tunica molesta because we follow the Christ and we are utterly convinced that we, like our Master, will one day rise from the grave in resurrected, glorified bodies."

Leah bowed her head. Rubbed her face. What was it about her bother's faith that made him so resolute yet so joyful?

{Nathan speaking} "The people who are destined for prison will be arrested and taken away," Nathan whispered. He'd reached through the bars with both hands and gently cradled her face. "Those who are destined for death will be killed. But do not be dismayed, for here is your opportunity to have endurance and faith." These are the words of John, the last disciple of our savior ... and he has given us comfort."

"What is our destiny? ... For all of us, is it not death? ... I'm not afraid of dying, Leah. I am afraid that my family will never understand what faith in Jesus means. The real tragedy is not to die young. The real tragedy is to live a long life and never use it in service of the Master. If my death leads you to eternal life--"

Nathan took a deep breath. He, too, was fighting tears. "I am heartbroken too. But if I have been called to be a witness in the arena with the others who believe, I cannot deny my Savior."

...{After the Christians are led into the arena}

Instantly, the beasts stopped the frenzied circling and responded by crouching. The crowd became silent as the moment of horror approached. In this silence, a sound rose from the sand. It took several moments for Leah to realize that her brother had begun to sing a beautiful hymn. Others on the sand joined with him, and their voices rose like a choir.

This serenity and peace were not the reaction that the mob had expected, and the silence of the audience continued, more from surprise than anything. The words of the hymn became more clear as the men and women poured joy into their singing.

A few lions crept closer.

Her brother fell to his knees and clasped his hands in prayer.

The boldest lion suddenly leaped forward.

Leah... turned her head and closed her eyes in that last moment as the lion closed in on her brother with outstretched claws.

One of the subtle yet powerful undercurrent's of Hanegraaff's book is Rome's failure to comprehend the source of joy, strength, and courage the Christ-followers possessed in the face of Nero's (and others) reign of terror. THAT SOURCE, THE PRESENCE OF THE RESURRECTED CHRIST, IS THE HEART AND SOUL OF OUR ABILITY TO OVERCOME AND MAINTAIN A TESTIMONY. The Romans did not understand that "conquering" did not mean victorious in battle but faithfulness to the end and its impending reward.

Contributed By:
Erik Estep

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Years ago Father John Powell told the story aboit a young girl named Norma Jean Mortenson. She was a young girl who spent much of her childhood in foster homes. In one of those foster homes, when she was 8 years old, she was abused physically and given a nickel and told to tell no one.
-When Norma Jean tried to tell her foster mother, her mother spanked her and told her not to say anything abpit it again because the man she accused of abusing her was a man who faithfully paid his rent.
-As time went on Norma Jean turned into a very pretty girl and people began to take notice. Boys would whistle at her and she liked it but she wished theyd also know she was a person too, not just a body.
-After a period of time Norma Jean went to Hollywood where she changed her name to Marilyn Monroe. Publicity people told her they were going to turn her into an American sex symbol. It worked. She became an overnight success. But she still longed to be recognized as a person. She longed to be loved.
-After she became famous, everyone began to hate Marilyn Monroe. She would show up on the set 2 hours late causing people to say she was a prima donna. What they didnt know was she was in her dressing room vomiting because she was so nervous. She kept asking, Will someone please notice Im a person!
-She went thru 3 marriages pleading for someone to notice her as a person and not just an object. At the age of 35, on a Saturday n...

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Contributed By:
Ian Johnson

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Today I had lunch with a man who is what we call a Maori Kaumatua, or leader. He is in His late 50s, when he was 10 he and His family had no knowledge of Jesus or his claims on their lives. In fact they were deeply into the other side, having open visions of their tribal guardian and other spirits. His young sister got cancer and was dying; He loved his little sister and wanted to see her well again. One morning while he was milking the cow He saw Jesus appear to him on the cross, Jesus spoke to him and said loved you so much that I suffered this for you. Then Jesus appeared to him in all His Glory and said then I became like this in order to set you free. Remembering that this was a 10 year old. He ran to His mum and told her what had happened; she struggled with it and suggested they call a local minister to see what he thought. He came and was amazed at the vision the boy had received, then suggested that he lay his hand on his little sister and pray for her. As he prayed she began to convulse and vomit a black substance, They rushed her to the doctor who examined her and proclaimed, this girl is healed, the only thing wrong with her now is a lack of food, give her a feed. That was nearly 50 years ago, she is still well today!

This vision of the king of Glory changed this family forever, The man is on fire to this day, because heaven came down and changed his world view.

Contributed By:
Troy Mason

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While serving as a U.S. Marine in Iwakuni, Japan I had an experience that I thought I would share. The date was Friday, Nov 1st, 2002. Just to set the stage, that means it was a payday Friday compounded by the fact that military promotions occur on the 1st, so there were many Marines of all ranks promoted that day who wished to celebrate. A real recipe for trouble.

There is a local mission church in Iwakuni (Assembly of God) that the Lord has situated right in the center of a block where all the local bars are. Since all the bars (there are a couple of dozen plus) are within a 200 yard stretch of road less than a quarter mile from the front gate of the base, many Marines walk from bar to bar drinking and carousing. There are hundreds of people in the street on weekend nights, about half of which are local Japanese citizens. There is much alcohol abuse and fights often break out. Things don’t really even get going until after midnight and they go strong until about 4 a.m.

This church sets a table up in front of their door right on the sidewalk where literally everyone walks by all night long. They provide food and coffee to the people along with Gospel tracts, New Testaments, etc in both English and Japanese. Several young Marines who are members of the church stand on the sidewalk witnessing to both Marines and Japanese who stop for food. It is a great ministry opportunity. I have made it my habit to join them on Friday nights.

Last night a VERY drunk older Japanese woman (50ish) staggered up in front of us and spit a couple of times on the sidewalk in front of the table with food, Gospel tracts, Bibles, etc on it, then shoved most of her hand down her throat to make herself vomit. In between gagging she would look up at us and say "FOR YOU!". Then she finally vomited a couple of times on the sidewalk. One of the young Marines with us came out and offered her a glass of water. I immediately thought of the Scripture where Jesus says "And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward."

Of course to watch that played out in person in front of my eyes made me realize that only Jesus can prompt such an action. Therefore the reality of the matter is that it is really Jesus giving the glass of water to Himself, and we are just the vessel He uses to deliver it. In our human weakness, we could never think of such a thing, but when Jesus is a part of us, we can think of nothing else.

By the way, the woman accepted the water and moved on. Jesus 1, Satan 0.

Contributed By:
Philip  Harrelson

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Characteristics of Buzzards
1. They Live Off of Dead Things
-The buzzard only eats things that are dead and rotting. They have no appetite for the things that are real and alive.
-They have no passion for the things of God.
2. They gorge themselves on the dead so they cannot even fly.
-The buzzard is a glutton for the dead things. He will eat so much of the dead things that he cannot even fly.
-It is hard to fly when you are so gorged on the things of this world. Your appetite for the world will always limit your relationship with God.
-You will become what you eat, whether that is physically or spiritually.
What does your spirit feast on?
What are your thoughts on?
What are your ambitions?
What are you saying?
Where are you living?

3. They will vomit up the dead things.
-The buzzard will vomit up the dead things on anything that comes around them. Whether it is an animal approaching them or another of their kind, they will vomit all of the horrible contents on to those approaching them.
4. They have no feathers on their heads.
-The buzzard has no feathers on his head because of the fact that he is always getting down into things that are rotten and infested with germs.
-What a horrible way to live, always soiled with the dirtiness of the dead.

Contributed By:
Robbie Bankens

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You see, I understand what its like to be hooked on prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers.

I know what its like to wake up drunk in a ditch, laying in your own vomit and not remember how you got there.

I know what its like to pass out in the middle of the night in a graveyard, because youre so miserable that a grave looks better than what life you have.

I know what its like to be hooked on Cocaine and Meth and not be able to get your nose to stop bleeding, because all of the nasal membranes have ruptured, because of abuse.

I know what its like to spend 2 weeks in full kidney failure and to lose the function of one kidney for life, because of drug abuse.

I know what its like to be sued for about a million dollars and to lose your home, vehicles and business, because of your lifestyle and still not finding it within yourself to surrender to Gods will.

I know the fear of hav...

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Contributed By:
Aubrey Vaughan

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Bill was a drunk, converted at a city mission. Before his conversion he had gained a reputation as a tramp and alcoholic for whom there was no hope. But when he was converted everything changed. He became the most caring person at the mission. He spent all his days there doing whatever needed to be done. There was never anything he was asked to do that he considered beneath him. Whether it was cleaning up vomit left by some alcoholic or scrubbing toilets used by men who left them filthy, Bill did it all with a heart of gratitude. He could be counted on to feed any man who wandered in off the streets and care for his needs when he was unable to care for himself.

One evening after the mission director delivered his evangelistic message to the usual crowd of solemn men with drooped heads, one of them came down to the altar and kneeled to pray, crying out to God to help him change. The repentant drunk kept shouting, "O God make me like Bill! Make me like Bill! Make me like Bill!" The director of the mi...

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