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bala samson avatar
Dishonest weights
Shared by: bala samson on Jun, 2013
Summary: God checks your bag (life) if there are dishonest scales and ill-gotten wealth or looted money; if you are enjoying and making use of the benefits of a product that you have not paid for, this also gets added to the category of ‘loot’.
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 978
Chris Santasiere avatar
"Wisdom From Above For Living Here Below"
Shared by: Chris Santasiere on Jan, 2002
Summary: This sermon comes from Proverbs 2:1-9 and focuses on the hope we can find from heavenly wisdom.
based on 276 ratings
Scripture: Proverbs 2:1-9
Views: 22,951
bala samson avatar
To be blameless
Shared by: bala samson on Apr, 2012
Summary: hough I titled this message, ‘to be blameless,’ yet I would like to talk about His love in the beginning, because our commitment to live for Him and live holy for Him should be birthed from our knowledge of His love for you.
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Genesis 17:1-2
Denomination: Pentecostal
Views: 1,829
Ed Vasicek avatar
Am I Getting Through?
Shared by: Ed Vasicek on Jan, 2012
Summary: It is worth great effort to communicate better!
based on 1 rating
Scripture: Proverbs 15:2
Denomination: Independent/Bible
Views: 1,947

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Mark Brunner avatar
Oh Please Don't Hit The Ball To Me!" Psalm ...
Shared By: Mark Brunner on Feb 7, 2005
Summary: “Oh Please Don’t Hit the Ball to Me!” Psalm 116:1-6 Key verse(s): 3:“The cords of death entangled me, the anguish of the grave came upon me; I was overcome by trouble and sorrow.” There is no greater temptation than separation from God. There ar...
Category: Stories
based on 2 ratings
Denomination: Lutheran
Scripture: Psalms 116:1-6

Articles View all 1 articles

preaching article 4 Reasons to Start a Mid-Week Sermon Feedback Meeting
4 Reasons to Start a Mid-Week Sermon Feedback Meeting
Shared By: Eric McKiddie on May 6, 2014
Summary: We need brutally honest, educated and constructive feedback, but how can we get it?
based on 4 ratings
Scripture: none

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media Out of  Balance
Out of Balance
Type: PowerPoint Template
Shared By: SermonCentral on August 1, 2012
Summary: Encourage your congregation to seek a balanced life with God at the center.