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Thomas Swope avatar
Shared By: Thomas Swope on Jun 2010
99 sermons in this series: Final Destination You're What? No Other Name Slam Dunk All In The Family Victory Hot Time - Trouble In The City What Is Going On Behind The Scene Career Change A Touch Of Love Two For The Price Of One Please Pick Me Calorie Chapel The Lord's Day You Got To Hand It To Him The 'A' Team Jehovah Rapha The Sermon On the Plateau All You Need Is Love Not In The Marvel Comics New Life Doubt Party Crasher Just Give Me The Dirt How Does Your Light Shine? A Three Hour Cruise Deviled Ham Time To Wake Up ‘OJT’ – On The Job Training No ‘Mulligan’s’ Brown Bagging It From the Penthouse To The Outhouse You Get The Picture? Seeking Sunday School Helpers Graduate Studies The NFL Developmental League Good Sam Good Housekeeping The Real Lord’s Prayer Never Accept ‘No’ For An Answer Shine Jesus Shine Hey Who U Looking At? This Little Light Of Mine Dining With The Enemy The Academy Award For Best Actor Goes To Knock It Off You Big Cry Baby Let it Go Help Wanted - Slaves Light My Fire Your Day In Court Are You Glad Its Them And Not You Return To Sender Stand Up Straight When I Am Talking To You The Red Grocer A Tale of Two Churches And Who Are You? Roasted Chicken Doctor Doctor Tell Me The News Elvis Has Left The Building Guess Who’s Not Coming To Dinner? How’s Your Hearing? When You Have Reached Bottom The Recovery Of Treasured Possessions Deep Sea Diving Now Hiring – ‘Slaves’ When It Is Right To Be A Copy Cat Who Are The Good Guys And Who Are The Bad Guys? Here Comes That Pain In The Neck Again How To Talk To God The Overlooked Group Mr. Goody Two Shoes So What’s In It For Me? Why Don’t You Understand? The Great Optician Little Big Man Would You Rather Have A Minas Or A Talent? The Rock Group – The Stones Say It Again Preacher Say’s Who? Foreclosure So There Actually Are Stupid Questions Think Before You Speak A Conversation Between God Always Wanting To Be A ‘Big Shot’ ‘Oh No’ They’re Going To Talk About Money Again And Your Questions Are? Do You See What I See? Signs Signs Everywhere Signs Jerusalem's Desolation He’s Coming Back Evil Plans The Last Supper Men Arrest God Selected By The Father He Died So We May Live Ladies Day On The Road Again Intermission Do All Faiths/Religions Lead to God More
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Audience: Adults
John Hamby avatar
A Study of the Book of Luke
Shared By: John Hamby on Nov 2001
69 sermons in this series: "How Can I Be Sure?" Experiencing the Birth of Christ with the Shepherds The Waiting Game It Is Time To Turn Three Big Temptations In Life A New and Higher Calling Remembering What God Has Done He Is Lord of All How to Live Successfully Love Your Enemies The Life of A True Disciple An Amazing Faith Even Death Is Not a Barrier When Life Is Just Not Fair A Sacrificial Faith When the Deliverer Comes There Is A Purpose In the Storm Are You Ready To Listen? Help for the Hopeless The Life of A Disciple Classic Problems That The Disciples Faced Bringing Joy To The Lord's Heart The Parable of the Good Samaritan Duty vs. Devotion Lord Teach Us To Pray Persistent Prayer Who Then Is This Jesus? The Marks of A Hypocrite The Folly of Seeking the Comfortable Life The World's Most Acceptable Sin Are You Ready? The Signs of the Times The Narrow Way Forsaking Fear The Demands of Discipleship When Jesus Invites You To Dinner When Jesus Comes To Dinner Parables of the Father's Love The Parable of the Shrewd Steward What If Hell Is Real Don't Be A Stumbling Block "What Does God Owe Me?" "Learning To Be Thankful" Three Dangers With Reference to the Second Coming Persistent Prayer Good News for Bad People Good New For Bad People Good New For Bad People So How Does One Get To Heaven? Blind No More “Suddenly and Surprisingly Saved!” A New Kind of King The Parable of the Investments One More Question Its A Question Of Ownership By Who's Authority? A Three-fold Warning The Widow's Mite Judas: The Man Who Decided To Do Wrong The Pathway to Greatness When Trouble Comes Failure Is Not Fatal IF..... The Importance of Making A Decision Responses to the Cross What To Do In Your Hour of Need One Man's Courage Good News For A Bad Day What Discouragement Can Do! Final Instructions More