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3 Hinderances To God’s Presence (in America)

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Jan 17, 2012

Summary: This is a heartfelt, old school, in your face message of condemnation and hope for the church of Christ in America- a beckoning that we must remove the hinderances before it’s too late!

in an ounce of nutrition mixed in with about 2 pounds of garbage. It tasted good and

came at a very low cost but if I ate it on a daily basis I’d be dead within years.

=>> Anyone ever see the documentary “SUPERSIZE ME”? Explain it a bit.

We are no different in the church. We have become content with a diet of fast food, but

God wants to satisfy us with a 12 course meal of approved food! We are offering up

defiled food from our pulpits and in our homes! Sure, it tastes good, sure it comes at a

low cost, sure it’s convenient and easy to get ahold of- BUT IT’S NOT NUTRITIOUS


The number one reason we do not go deeper with Jesus is because we have become

content with doctrine, content with emotion, content with the newest and most exciting


The only thing that should ever satisfy our spiritual appetite is more of Jesus Christ.

Don’t be satisfied in the outer-courts.

Don’t be satisfied with undefiled living and right standing.

Only become satisfied once you’ve wound through the three foot deep maze of curtains,

walked into the presence of the Holy of Holies and stood in the very presence of Christ


He is our all-sufficiency and should be our only satisfaction!!

Let’s determine today to:

1- Live holy, for He is holy!

2- Recognize that in Him we are more than conquerers and priests called to do

His bidding!

3- Realize that we must fill ourselves with the proper diet so that we may

understand what it truly means to be His. We do not exist to be fulfilled- we

exist to fulfill God’s will, which is the winning of the lost back to Him!

Talk about it...

So, what did you think?

Thank you.