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3 Spirits given to all Christians
2 Timothy 1:7

Intro: As we grow in the grace of God we learn that there are only 2 types of emotion that live inside the human heart. While these emotions may be shown in different ways, depending upon how emotional we are, there are still only 2 types of emotions. One is fear and the other is faith.

Fear is one of the greatest tools that Satan has to use against Christians.
A. If he can make us afraid he will hinder us ever being used of God.
B. Just as fear will rob you of worldly success, fear will rob you of Spiritual success.
C. Why do most of us hesitate to invest our income into the stock market?
Why do many hesitate to tithe their income
D. Why do most of us hesitate to give a stranger a ride in our car.

Fear is the opposite of the second heart emotion which is faith.
A. Faith cannot effectively operate where there is fear
B. Fear cuts off faith’s blessings and benefits

There is a benefit package that comes with having faith in God
A. Knowing that your faith is pleasing to God. “Without faith it is…” There is a constant weight on the shoulder of the Christian who is not living a life that is pleasing to God.
B. A liberty of expressing faith each time faith is needed. The more you exercise faith the easier it is to have faith the next time.
C. Those who live a life of faith live a life of automatic blessings.

Let’s look at this verse again and pick at it until we get something. Vs. 7

First of all notice that fear does not come from the Lord. “All good and perfect gifts come from the father…”He has not given us the Spirit of fear.

When we are afraid we should automatically associate that fear with Satan.
Right then we should pray for wisdom. Not for a way out, but for wisdom.

Secondly notice that fear is a spirit. We can not challenge a spirit with human logic. We must fight hindering spirits with the Holy Spirit.

God has given us 3 spirits by which to fight the hindering spirit of fear.
Power, Love and A Sound mind

First notice the Spirit of Power
A. Power here is associated with authority. Jesus said that “All power is given unto me…” as a result all authority is given to him. So when we need power and authority we can go directly to the source of power and authority. Jesus.
B. We can march right into enemy territory knowing that Jesus marches if front of us with all power. The child of God should live a Spirit filled life of confidence.
Confidence does a few things for us
C. Confidence removes hesitation
D. Godly confidence allows us to trust in God
E. Confidence does not recognize Satan as being bigger than we are.

Secondly, He has given to us the Spirit of Love
A. The Bible tells us that “Perfect love casteth out all fear.”
B. In life, the things we love to do are the things we do the most.
C. Love hear is associated with passion. When we have a passion for something, we are more like to do it without hesitation.